Ermanno de Biagi:
Stornmi #2

Dec 1–Jan 31, 2009-10
Thurs – Sun, dusk to 11pm
UVP Monroe Street
321 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY — [retired venue]

About the Work

Stornmi #2 (“Starling-Flock #2”)

Total Run Time: 8:00

Artist’s Statement:
The only possible introduction to this (never ending?) work should express my mortification at having violated such beauty, shooting with inexpert passion.
Otherwise, the Flocks of Starlings – or rather, those that I managed to ensnare in so many cassettes** – are all here, with all of their beauty and all of their strength.
One does not need to know that there are Falcons flying with the Starlings, or that I shot 18 hours of video in the attempt to capture this Magical Nature and/or Natural Magic. Stornmi #… is dedicated to Daniele and to all the dreamers.

“Stornmi” is the result of merging two italian words: STOR-NI (Starlings) and STOR-MI (Flocks). In English it might be translated approximately as STARLOCKS or FLOCKLINGS, or…

**In Italian cassette has two meanings: referring to both video tapes and the cages where birds can be kept.
(Source: notes from the director)

About the Artist

After all he is an artist: of words, gestures, images, sounds, communications.
Musician, actor, teacher, animator, cultural figure and videomaker, or rather VideoCraftsman as he prefers. He began shooting in 1975 with the old 1/2″ reels in black and white. His works – VideoPoems or VideoPaintings – are those of a visionary poet, a revolutionary of the possible, a … however-ist …
(Source: production notes)

Stornmi #2 received the “New Territories” award at the 60th Venice Film Festival in 2003.