Lab / Reservations

If you have an active membership at the lab, you can reserve both equipment and space.

Click a picture below for more information or to reserve that piece of equipment.

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Reserve a Printer

Small Format Printers
(17″ Wide Max)

Epson 4880-1 Luster-Loaded (Francesca Woodman) ($3.16/sq.ft.)

Epson 5000 Luster-Loaded (Bernice Abbott) ($3.16/sq.ft.)

Epson 4900-4 Ink Only (Diane Arbus) ($2.16/sq.ft.)

Canon 1000 Matte and Luster Sheet-Loaded (Claude Cahun) ($3.16/sq.ft.)

Large Format Printers
(64″ Wide Max)

Epson 9800-1 Luster-Loaded (Gordon Parks) ($3.16/sq.ft.)

Canon 4000 Matte-Loaded (Ren Hang) ($3.16/sq.ft.)

Reserve a Scanner

Flatbed Scanners

Epson 11000XL (Langston Hughes)

Epson v700-1 (Mary Shelley)

Epson v700-2 (Sylvia Plath)

Film Scanners

Flextight X1 (Kurt Vonnegut)

Imacon Scanner (Susan Sontag)

Howtek 4500 Drum Scanner (Roddy Piper)

**Flextight X1 Scanner is a shared resource with the service lab. Please be aware the service team may have to move you to our Imacon Precision III scanner**

Reserve a Space

Specialty Working Areas


Lighting Studio

Studio Visit / Critique Space