Lab / Sessions

We believe that the best learning happens when great instructors teach hands-on class sessions in a one-to-one fashion. We’ve embraced this principle and now offer a set of “Core Sessions” and a set of “Training Sessions” to meet your needs.

No matter your skill level, we’re here to help you go further with your photography. Stop in, e-mail, or call us to book your session today!

If you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in any of our sessions, please inform us when booking.

Introductory Sessions

Free Orientation Session
(1 Hour)

Take a guided tour of the lab to get to know the facilities, equipment, history and mission of the space! Along the way, we will get an impression of your skill level and goals. From here, we can recommend other specialty sessions if we feel you need them.

*If you are not yet a member, you can reserve this session by registering a new account on the booking page.

Core/Equipment Sessions ($30/hr)

*Membership is required to book sessions*

1-2 hr. time slots during scheduled staff office hours:

Monday w/ Rebecca Marris- 10am-1pm
Tuesday w/ Julie Herman- 1pm-4pm
Wednesday w/ Rachel Fein-Smolinski- 1pm-4pm
Thursday w/ Amrita Stützle- 1pm-5pm

The Dark Arts: Intro to Darkroom
(2 Hours/ $60)

Learn everything about working in our amazing community access darkroom. We cover black and white film developing and silver-printing in the darkroom with an emphasis on controlling exposure and contrast. This session can also accommodate more advanced techniques like split filter printing and some alternative processes.

High Wattage: Intro to Lighting Studio
(2 Hours/ $60)

We help you learn or master all the gear in our Lighting Studio. This session is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to take full advantage of our strobe lights, light shaping tools, and backdrops.

Output: Process & Print
(2 Hours/ $60)

Learn how to process your photographs in applications like Lightroom and Photoshop and get your photos ready to share with the world. We teach a consistent workflow for managing color, contrast, dust & scratches, sharpening, resizing, layer masking, and other digital photo techniques.

Input: Import & Organize
(2 Hours/ $60)

Organize your digital life. In this two hour session, we cover everything from properly importing digital photos into Lightroom or Bridge to making the best possible scans of your negatives, slides, or prints. We show you the best methods for organizing the tons of files that proliferate your photographic life so you spend more time working and less time hunting for thumb-drives.

Small Format Printer Training
(1 Hour/ $30)

At Light Work Lab there are eight different small format inkjet printers you can use. They are all maintained and ready for you seven days a week. In this session we show you how to print to them in a color-managed and dependable way.

Large Format Printer Training
(1 Hour/ $30)

You can print anywhere from 24″ to 64″ wide on our wide-format printers at Light Work lab. Each wide format printer is different so let us know your level of knowledge and what kind of printing you will be doing and we’ll choose the best printer to train you on first. This is an intense 1 to 2 hour session.

Drum Scanner Training
(1-2 days/ $150)

We are one of only two labs in the world that offer DIY drum scanning. Drum scanner training is very intense. It can require up to 6 hours of direct training and many more hours of practice so this is a pricey class. However, you can do well over $1000 in scans (if priced by normal drum scanning standards) while you are learning how to operate the scanner. So within the first hour it pays for itself!

Flatbed Scanner Training
(1 Hour/ $30)

Flatbed scanners appear at first glance to be dead-simple to use. But when you produce art with them (or even want to do a simple contact-sheet of color negatives) things get complicated fast. We’re here to help you keep things on an even keel in the flatbed-ocean.

Flextight Scanner Training
(1 Hour/ $30)

Learn how to use our incredibly advanced Hasseblad Flextight film scanners. We have a unique workflow that we’ve built over years working with artists from around the world. We want to teach you how to do it!

Camera Training
(1 Hour/ $30)

Just bought a new camera? Want to learn your camera better? Let us go through and explain how to best use your camera for what you need! We can describe basic camera functions, as well as special shooting techniques, so you can get the most out of your equipment!