2014 Transmedia Photography Annual

January 13 – May 30, 2014
Jeffrey J. Hoone Gallery
Reception: Thurs, Jan 30, 5-7pm

Best of Show: Amrita Stuetzle
Honorable Mentions: Emily Edwards, Mark Hoelscher, and Nicole Letson

Light Work is pleased to announce the 2014 Transmedia Photography Annual exhibition, featuring photographs by seniors from the Art Photography Program in the Department of Transmedia, part of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The bachelor of fine arts degree program in art photography is designed for students who plan to use photography as their primary creative medium. Many of these students will go on to exhibit their photographs nationally and work for magazines, advertising agencies, museums, galleries, corporations, educational institutions, and the fashion industry.

Exhibiting students include Marcy Ayres, Erica Bernstein, Paige Blinn, Cami Brown, Emily Edwards, Ashli Fiorini, Meagan Gregg, Krystle Gunter, Emily Hawing, Mark Hoelscher, Shelby Jacobs, Kelly Kazmierczak, Nicole Letson, Colin Liang, Victoria Nadler, Mary O’Brien, Allison Paap, Gabriela Perez, Sahra Roberts, Samantha Short, Amrita Stuetzle, Lilith Tagariello, Rachel Thalia, Ana Thor, Chris Trigaux, Katie Walsh, and Nils Wiklund.

Light Work has formed a strong partnership with the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University and many of these students have benefited from access to our production facilities, lectures, and workshops. Several students have worked for us over the past four years and have become an integral part of the energy, passion, and excitement of this organization. We congratulate all of the seniors for their accomplishments and wish them the best.