Questions about Light Work’s Artist-in-Residence Program


Questions about Light Work Lab

When are you open?
Our current hours are posted here.

I am interested in a tour of Light Work and the Lab, how do I set that up?
You can come anytime during our open hours! Contact us by phone or email to setup up a tour or learn about our space.

I don’t know much about Photoshop or printing but I want to come in and do work, can I do that?
For people who are new to photography Light Work Lab offers many “session-style” classes to learn about making photographs and how to use the equipment in our space. We also offer full-service printing and scanning as well.

I would like to come in to scan and print, how do I do that?
Our DIY lab and darkrooms are open for our members to use seven days a week. Membership includes an orientation session on how to use the equipment in the lab.

How do I become a member? How much does it cost?
See our membership page for all the info.

What should I bring if I’m coming to scan or print?
Bring lint-free gloves, your film and/or paper, an external hard drive, and a portfolio box or paper shipping tube.

Do I need to reserve any of the equipment if I want to use it?
Please call us to reserve a shooting time in our lighting studio or to reserve scanning equipment, the film developing darkroom, small format printers, or large format printers. The open-lab, darkroom, viewing walls, and lounge do not require reservations!

I don’t understand how my digital camera works. Can you help me figure it out?
We can usually troubleshoot on-the-fly questions pretty quickly. If you want to learn how to make the most of your camera from the ground up, you can register for one of our camera and studio sesssions held regularly.

What consumables are supplied at the lab?
In the darkroom we have all the chemistry needed for developing film and making silver prints as well as lab towels, pressurized air, and nitrile gloves. In the digital lab, computers are equipped with the latest imaging software, icc profiles for a vast array of papers, and temporary central network storage for transferring files between machines. Paper is not currently provided for DIY member use.

Can I keep my paper at Light Work?
You can! We have roll and sheet paper storage for lab members.

Is the lab wheelchair accessible?
Both our darkroom and digital lab are wheelchair accessible. The Menschel Media Center is wheelchair accessible at its north-west entrance.

Where can I park?
Paid parking is available across from the Robert B. Menschel Media Center at both the Marion Parking Lot and Booth Parking Garage. New parking spots have also been created on Waverly Ave, directly in front of Light Work!

I want someone at Light Work to scan for me or make prints, can you do that?
Yes! Our Digital Services Lab offers competitive prices for making museum quality scans and prints for clients locally, nationally, and world wide.

I have a strange or experimental printing project that I want to print at Light Work, can you help me?
We have done many strange experimental printing projects in the past. We print at all sorts of sizes on all kinds of materials. Contact us with the specifics of your project to see how we can help.

How do I know the color on my prints will be right?
We build all of our own custom ICC profiles with 3000 patch sets. Our color management works very well indeed.

How big can I print at Light Work?
You can print up to 64” wide by unlimited length at Light Work!

I need master fine-art printing for my project or show, can Light Work do this?
Yes. We have master printmakers who work here that have printed shows for galleries and museums all over the world. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Can I have my prints mounted at Light Work?
We do not offer mounting or framing services although there are some great options in the city of Syracuse and in the wider region.