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The Light Work Collection consists primarily of work made by artists who have participated in the Artist-in-Residence Program and past Light Work Grant recipients. Because we encourage participation by a variety of emerging and under-represented artists, Light Work’s collection is an extensive and diverse archive for the mapping of trends and developments in contemporary photography. This noteworthy collection includes all genres of expression found in contemporary photography, including documentary, abstract, experimental, and conceptual work. Many of the images capture and document the social history of the Central and Upstate New York regions. The collection also serves as an important document of Light Work’s history of support for artists and their creative process.

What is in Light Work’s collection?

There are currently over 4,000 works of art in Light Work’s permanent collection. The collection contains all original work, including color and black-and-white photographic prints, alternative processes, as well as computer generated imagery, collages, artist books, and installation pieces.

How do I browse the collection online?

Light Work’s online collection database is constantly updated with newly accessioned prints and objects. It can be viewed online at

How do I schedule a viewing to look at prints in person?

Researchers may access the collection on-site by making an appointment with Light Work’s Exhibitions and Collection Manager, Victor Rivera.

When contacting us to make an appointment, please provide a clear list of collection items you are interested in viewing. During busy times of the year appointments may not be guaranteed.

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