Dan Wetmore: Golden Dawn

March 17 – May 30, 2014
Community Darkrooms Gallery
Reception: Thurs, March 20, 5-7pm

Light Work and Community Darkrooms are pleased to present Dan Wetmore’s exhibition Golden Dawn, a series of pictures made from 2009-2012, in and between Flint, MI, Binghamton, NY, Cleveland, OH, Wheeling, WV, and Pittsburgh, PA.

I grew up in Pittsburgh. My parents enjoyed driving around and hunting for furniture on the weekends and I got to see much of the city this way. I was taken by the furnaces and mills that lined the rivers—these giant, dark carcasses. At home, the only photo book my parents had was a paperback of Becher typologies and I looked at the blast furnaces and mineheads for hours. Once mobile at sixteen, I explored these places intimately. With a developing fondness and understanding, I began to photograph in the surrounding neighborhoods.

— Dan Wetmore

Dan Wetmore is a photographer operating between Pittsburgh, PA and Syracuse, NY. He received his BFA from Syracuse University in 2013, and now works at a food cooperative to fund his photography practice. He has long brown hair and drives a Buick station wagon.