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While running Community Darkrooms, a public access photography facility at Syracuse University, Phil Block and Tom Bryan formed Light Work. The process of incorporating Light Work begins in March and is finally completed on August 28, when Light Work is officially recognized as a non-profit corporation in New York State. Light Work’s first artist program is a workshop by Les Krims from April 16 to 18. Light Work applies to the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) for support and receives a $5,000 grant on October 4 for a series of exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. A hallway outside Community Darkrooms is converted into Light Work’s first gallery.

Gallery Video Images, Andy Buck • Oletha, Bud McLouth • Soft Images, David Ruether • Solar Light Impressions, David Broda • Impaired Vision, Ben Levine • Cerebus, Karl Baden • Children I Know, Barbara Weiss • White Underpants, Arno Rafael Minkinnen  Workshops Les Krims • David Ruether • Linda Connor • Peter Schlesinger • Burk Uzzle • Michael Spencer • Warren Wheeler (held at the New York State Fair)  Lectures Ellen Manchester.


Light Work is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The organization is officially named Light Work Visual Studies, Inc.

Gallery Revelations, Deb Bai • Children’s Photos, Syracuse Institute for Enabling Education • Recent Photographs, Howard Goldbaum • Experimental Studios Group Show, Gary Geer, Thomas Lindley, Bud McLouth, Crystal Scriber, and David Russell • Warren Wheeler • Recent Photographs, Stacey Bogdonoff  Workshops Melissa Shook • Arnold Gassan.


Light Work receives its first grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for $1,500 to host a series of lectures by photographers, critics, and historians. The Light Work grant program is initiated, offering fellowships to photographers, critics, and historians who live in Central New York.

Gallery Kalamazoo Etc., Charles Harbutt • Phil Block and Tom Bryan • Frank Hoy • Joseph Jachna • Apeiron Workshops Staff, Paul Ginsberg, Jim Koch, Ron Morris, Jim Schlesinger, Peter Schlesinger, and Lauren Shaw • Burk Uzzle • Gail de Loach and Eve Cohen • Carl Geiger • Ben Levine • Peter Glendinning • 1975 Light Work Grant Recipients  Workshops Clarence John Laughlin • Christian Sunde • Charles Harbutt • Joseph Jachna  Lectures Joseph Jachna • A.D. Coleman conducts a videotaped interview of Clarence John Laughlin  Light Work Grant Karl Baden • Ben Levine • Warren Wheeler.


Light Work initiates its Artist-in-Residence Program.

Gallery The Camera as a Third Eye, Clarence John Laughlin • Larry Fink • Four Photographers, Carol Drobeck, Robbert Flick, Alan Dutton, and Bart Parker • Portraits of Violet and Al, William DeLappa • Square Images, David Ruether • Bill Arnold and Elaine Mayes • Kamaitachi, Eikoe Hosoe, prepared by the Visual Studies Workshop • Souvenirs, Karl Baden and David Broda • Todd Walker • 1976 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops Adal • Larry Fink Lectures Duane Michals • Adal • W. Eugene Smith • Sean Callahan • Larry Fink • Les Krims • Bill Arnold and Elaine Mayes • Artist-in-Residence Charles Gatewood Light Work Grant Cecil Dorman • Marion Faller • Jules Fried • Rita Hammond Special Projects Light Work curates and presents the exhibition Edward A. Curtis: Photogravuers from The North American Indian, Vol. 1 and 3 at the Everson Museum at Art in Syracuse.


The first issue of Contact Sheet is published to replace and consolidate announcements about exhibitions, lectures, and classes, and to feature work by participants in the Artist-in-Residence program.

Gallery The Rural Photographs of Roger Minick • Bonnie Gordon • Elliot Erwitt • A Thirty Year Retrospective, Vilem Kriz • Mark Cohen • Growing Pains and Pleasures, James Carroll, Larry Clark, Rene Gelpi, Emmet Gowin, and Joe Szabo • Marcia Resnick • Lynn Moser • Roy DeCarava • Murray Riss • 1977 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Michael Lesy • Bill Aron • Jill Freedman • Bonnie Gordon • Michael Bishop • Richard Snodgrass • Roy DeCarava • John Banasiak • Roger Mertin  Artists-in-Residence Roger Mertin • John Banasiak • Richard Snodgrass • Cal Kowal  Light Work Grant Ken Hobart • Sylvia de Swaan • Peter Glendinning • Daniel Franklin Ward (Idyllic Foundation)  Special Projects Light Work curates and presents the exhibitions On the Offset Press, including work by Lawrie Brown, Charles Gershwin, Scott Hyde, Syl Labrot, Joan Lyons, Jonathan Morse, Carl Sesto, and Todd Walker; Three From the Thirties: Brandt, Brassai, Bravo; and Lawrie Brown / Michael Stone: Photographs, at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. • Light Work hosts a poetry reading by Michael Jennings at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse to accompany an exhibition by Dorothea Lange.


Light Work begins to phase out workshops and invite more artists to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program. The first color enlarger is installed at Community Darkrooms.

Gallery Ted Orland • Deep Sea, Suzanne Mitchell • Academic Art, Les Krims • New Collages, Fielding Dawson • Melanie Walker • Olivia Parker • Forbidden Photographs, Charles Gatewood • Barbara Blondeau, prepared by the Visual Studies Workshop • Forty Below, exhibit of photos priced under $40 by 20 CNY photogra­phers • 1978 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops Barbara Houghton • Juliana Swatko Lectures Michael Martone • John Pfahl • Olivia Parker • Mark Jury • Stuart Rome • Chris Enos • Suzanne Mitchell • John Brumfield • Betsy Davis • James Petrillo  Artists-in-Residence Michael Martone • Barbara Houghton • Paul Ginsberg (aka Paul Trapido) • Stuart Rome • Elaine Mayes • Chris Enos  Light Work Grant David Broda • Mima Cataldo • Lucinda Devlin • Richard Laughlin  Special Projects Fielding Dawson exhibition catalogue, New Collages • “Gold in Your Attic,” a seminar organized by Light Work at the Onondaga County Public Library’s main Syracuse branch • Light Work organizes an exhibition of work by Marion Post Wolcott at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.


Photographs informally donated to Light Work by participants in the Artist-in-Residence program have accumulated into a small collection. Light Work begins to formally ask each visiting artist to contribute a few pieces made during their stay to the collection.

Gallery David Goldes • Marion Faller • Lynne Cohen • Roger Mertin • Midwest Diary, Robbert Flick • Lost Souls, Willyum Rowe • Kentucky Documentary Project, Ted Wathen, Bill Burke, and Bob Hower • CAPS Fellowship Recipients, Douglas Baz, Ellen Carey, Eduardo del Valle / Mirta Gomez, Lucinda Devlin, Benno Friedman, Ani Gonzalez, Bonnie Gordon, Austin Hansen / St.Clair T. Bourne, Colleen Kenyon, Peteris Krumins, Robert Mapplethorpe, Hiromitsu Morimoto, John Pfahl, Charlie Stainback, Joyce Taylor, and Toba Tucker (sponsored by the Creative Artist Public Service Program) • 1979 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Kenda North • Joyce Taylor • Bill Owens • Murray Riss • Lynne Cohen • Marion Faller • Alex Traube  Artists-in-Residence Kenda North • Murray Riss • Alex Traube  Light Work Grant Judith Ivry • Jon Reis • Marjorie Tepper • James Thorpe  Special Projects Photographica, a resource guide compiled by the Onondaga County Public Library in cooperation with Light Work • Light Work curates and presents the exhibition Alternative Imaging Systems at the Everson Museum that includes work by Patti Ambrogi, Bill Arnold, Charlotte Brown, Evergon (Albert Lundt), Joan Lyons, Juliana Swatko, and Joel Swartz, among others. Light Work also curates a solo exhibition at the Everson by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.


Phil Block takes a leave of absence to study bookbinding in England. Jeffrey Hoone is hired as assistant director to replace Phil while he is on leave.

Gallery Color Realism, Michael Bishop, Phil Block, Kathy Collins, and Lucinda Devlin • Murray Riss • Photographs of New York State, Walker Evans, organized by the Eakins Press Foundation and the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, and circulated by the Gallery Association of New York State • Biff Henrich, Ken Pelka, Scott Rucker, and Anne Turyn • John Divola • The American Coal Miner, Ted Wathen • Women at LW / CD, Kenda North, Chris Enos, Elaine Mayes, Ellen Carey, Barbara Houghton, Charlotte Brown, Lynne Cohen, Bonnie Gordon, Marion Post Wolcott, Marion Faller, Judith Ivry, Lucinda Devlin, Sylvia de Swaan, Mima Cataldo, Joan Lyons, Linda Connor, Melissa Shook, Tamara Thompson Bryant, Gail de Loach, Lynne McMahill, Juliana Swatko, and Jackie Yaeger-Pardon • 1980 Light Work Grant Recipients Lectures Biff Henrich, Ken Pelka, Scott Rucker, and Anne Turyn • Ted Wathen • Michael Spano • Zeke Berman • Michael Bishop, Kathy Collins, and Lucinda Devlin Artists-in-Residence Ellen Carey • Michael Spano • Zeke Berman • Abby Robinson • Toby Old Light Work Grant Dean Abramson • Jeffrey Hoone • Marion Roth • Karen Vournakis Special Projects Hollis Frampton receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to produce ADSVMVS ABSVMVS, a portfolio of images and text • Light Work publishes a fold-out postcard set of images by Michael Bishop titled Views of the New York State Barge Canal. Light Work hosts a poetry reading by Ed Dorn and a film screening by Jennifer Dunbar.


Phil Block returns from England and Tom Bryan leaves the organization to become a full-time sheep farmer in Erieville, NY. Jeffrey Hoone stays on as assistant director. Light Work acquires its first computer.

Gallery Portraits of Artists, 1959 – 1979, Fred McDarrah • Bart Parker, curated by Judith Ivry • Michael Spano • Michaela Murphy • The FSA in Central New York, John Collier and Jack Delano, selected from the Library of Congress by Tom Bryan • 23 Photographers: ’81 –’82 CAPS Grant Recipients, including work by CNY photographers Lou Kruger and Karen Vournakis • Coast to Coast: Punk Rock and New Wave Photographers, William Coupon, Christina Yuin, Elaine Mayes, Marcus Leatherdale, Judy Linn, John Ranard, Bill Carner, f-stop Fitzgerald (aka Richard Minisalli), Richard McCaffree, Raye Santos, Stanley Greene, Ron Delany, Ed Kashi, Vincent Anton, Sue Brisk, Chester Simpson, Charley Franklin, Ira Member, Stefano Paollilo, Bern Boyle, and Roea Wallace • Stamp Out Ronnie, a mail art competition and exhibition marking Ronald Reagan’s election to president, includes rubber stamps and artwork solicited through the mail. The exhibition curated by Joan Riccardi includes work by Bruce Velick, Kihm Winship, Kimble Mead, Joan Riccardi, Carlo Pittore, Karen Bakke, Barton Benes, Jon Held Jr., Bruce Wood, and Ms. Ruby Rubber • 1981 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Christina Yuin and William Coupon • Lawrence McFarland • Lowry Thompson • Jon Sharlin • Fred McDarrah • Sybil Miller • Peter Goin • Bruce Gilden • Bob Hower • Ted Wathen • Bill Ravanesi • Michaela Murphy • Laurie Simmons • Cindy Sherman  Artists-in-Residence Charlie Stainback • Lawrence McFarland • Tom Zimmermann • Jon Sharlin • Sybil Miller • Peter Goin • Bill Ravanesi • Bruce Gilden • Doug Muir • Bob Hower • Ted Wathen • Cindy Sherman • Laurie Simmons  Light Work Grant Paul Pearce • Jane Steuerwald • Robert Foster • f-stop Fitzgerald Special Projects Painter Jane Crow receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to produce a series of costumes.


Phil Block leaves Light Work to accept the position of director of education at the International Center of Photography in New York. Jeffrey Hoone becomes director of Light Work and its only full-time employee.

Gallery David Freund • Eugene Richards • Bonnie Gordon • Hollis Frampton • Tom Arndt • Shelby Lee Adams • Philip Perkis • Bernard Faucon • Jim Dow and David Stephenson • 1982 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Christian Sunde • David Freund • Eugene Richards • Benjamin Porter • Bonnie Gordon • Eric Baden • Joel Sternfeld • Shelby Lee Adams • Steven Hirsch • James Casebere • Tom Arndt  Artists-in-Residence Christian Sunde • Benjamin Porter • Eric Baden • Joel Sternfeld • Bill Burke • Frank DiPerna • Steven Hirsch • James Casebere • Dennis Hearne • Joel Sackett  Light Work Grant Susan Brodie • Michael Davis • Ted Diamond • Janice Giarracco • David Moore  Special Projects Light Work publishes a set of 20 postcards of images made in Central New York for the FSA by John Collier and Jack Delano • NYSCA supports a Materials Assistance Grant program at Light Work to distribute gift certificates from MQ Camera Center in Syracuse to local photographers • Courtney Frisse receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to project large-scale images onto buildings in downtown Syracuse • Ed Sanders is invited by Light Work to perform at the student-run Jabberwocky Club at Syracuse University. Sanders sings, recites poetry, and accompanies himself on his musical tie.


Light Work produces the exhibition Penny Publishing: Photographic Postcards from Central New York, curated by David Freund, which opens at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse with a catalogue designed by Buzz Padgett.

Gallery Dave Broda • Peter Goin • Lou Stoumen • Owen Butler • Peter de Lory and Mark McFadden • Anita Au and Pok Chi-Lau • The Stolen Image and Its Uses, Vikky Alexander, Silvia Kolbowski, Barbara Krueger, Sherrie Levine, and Richard Prince, curated by Abigail Solomon- Godeau • American Roads, a traveling exhibition from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, includes work by Rodger Minick, Mark Klett, Henry Wessel Jr., Harold Jones, Frank Gohlke, Tod Papageorge, Jim Alinder, Nathan Lyons, Robbert Flick, Elaine Mayes, Barbara Jo Revelle, Robert A. Widdicombe, Dorothea Lange, and Walker Evans • 1983 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Anne Turyn • Linn Underhill • Peter Bunnell • Peter de Lory • Abigail Solomon-Godeau • Barbara Morgan • Willyum Rowe • Lou Stoumen • Christian Sunde • Tom Zimmermann • Lewis Koch • Owen Butler • Ricardo Bloch  Artists-in-Residence Anne Turyn • Lewis Koch • Ricardo Bloch • Linn Underhill • Peter de Lory • Willyum Rowe • Lou Stoumen • Dan Powell • Ed Grazda • Mark Goodman • Anthony Hernandez • Jim Goldberg • Sy Rubin • David Freund  Light Work Grant Jane Bair • Laurie Sieverts Snyder • Lorna Lentini • John Knecht  Special Projects John Orentlicher and Lucinda Devlin receive a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work for a video and photographic exploration of the pleasure industry • Light Work organizes exhibitions of work by Barbara Morgan, Christian Sunde, and Tom Zimmermann at the Lowe Art Gallery at Syracuse University • Contact Sheet 36 features a portfolio of photographs by Chris Enos titled NUDES, with an essay by A.D. Coleman.


Contact Sheet 43 announces the death of Hollis Frampton (1936 – 1984).

Gallery Sarah Charlesworth • Linn Underhill • Teenage Lust, Larry Clark, curated by Christian Sunde • Jon Reis • Mark Klett • John Craig • John Dziadecki • A Group Called GRAIN, organized for LW by Joel Sackett includes work by Tatsuharu Hida, Taishi Kirokawa, Yasukuni Iida, Yoko Iida, Akira Kobayashi, Jun Matsumoto, Mikio Matsuo, Kozo Miyoshi, Junshi Nakamichi, Kohei Onishi, Kiyoshi Tatsukawa, Yoichi Saito, Tetsuya Sato, Takashi Sekiguchi, Masayoshi Sukita, and Matsutoshi Takagi • 1984 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Larry Clark • Claude Rie • Jon Reis  Artists-in- Residence Biff Henrich • Sid Kaplan • Claude Rie • Peter Moore • Jim Stone • John Gossage • Patt Blue • Melanie Walker • Ricardo Salcedo  Light Work Grant Dede Hatch • Ellen Blalock • Monte Gerlach • Don Tracy  Special Projects Roger Mertin receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to photograph ceremonies, celebrations, and festivals throughout the state • Sy Rubin exhibits photographs made during his residency at Light Work at the New York State Fair Museum • Light Work organizes the exhibition Harold Allen Architectural Views at the Lowe Art Gallery, curated by Lucinda Devlin • The Eternal Poetry Festival featuring Bern Porter and Mark Melnicove is held at Syracuse Stage, organized by Tom Walsh.


With a gift from Syracuse University alumnus Robert B. Menschel, Light Work opens a gallery bearing his name in the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University. The opening exhibition features work by Roger Mertin. Mr. Menschel also creates an endowment fund at the university that will help support catalogues to accompany each exhibition. To avoid confusion, the gallery located at Community Darkrooms is officially named the Light Work Gallery. A 20 inch Hope color processor is installed at Community Darkrooms. Contact Sheet 47 announces the death of Clarence John Laughlin (1905 – 1985).

Menschel Gallery Roger Mertin  Light Work Gallery Sheila Pinkel • Peter Moore • Zeke Berman • Pleasure Ground, photographs by Lucinda Devlin and a video by John Orentlicher • John Gossage and Jim Stone • Industrial Photographs: A Survey 1900 – 1970, organized by CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY • 1985 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Kathleen Kenyon • Robert Giard • Barbara Ess • David Graham • Bruce Horowitz • Melissa Shook • Joe Lawton • Karl Baden • Gary Metz • Dawoud Bey • John Dziadecki • Scott McCarney Light Work Grant Keith Tishken • Rita M. Deierlein • Rosemarie Imhoff • John Fuller  Special Projects Christian Sunde receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to display a series of large-scale hand-colored photographs, titled Adirondacks to Guatemala, on the sides of Centro Buses in Syracuse • Light Work: Photography over the 70s and 80s, a retrospective exhibition curated by Jeffrey Hoone and Janice Giarracco and designed by Jane and Greg Dailey, opens at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, and the Gallery Association of New York State circulates the exhibition throughout the state for three years • Light Work hosts a performance by Ed Sanders at Syracuse Stage • Contact Sheet 48 publishes one of Sanders’ poems with reference to Tom Bryan’s farm and maple sugar operation.


Gina Murtagh is hired as assistant director. Light Work is back to two full-time employees. After hosting a few performances in the past two years, Light Work begins a regular Performance Art Series.

Menschel Gallery Helen Levitt • Aaron Siskind • Marion Post Wolcott • John Wood, curated by Nancy Gonchar  Light Work Gallery Sheila McLaughlin, Anne Rowland, and Joni Sternbach • John Kennard • Bill Arnold • Dawoud Bey • Barbara Lattanzi • Ruth Morgan and Richard Ray Whitman • La Gran Passion, organized by En Foco, an artist space in the Bronx • 1986 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Adál • James Welling • Judith Harold Steinhauser • Danny Caracelo • Frank Hunter • Linda Adele Goodine • Jules Allen • Kerry Coppin • Jayce Salloum  Light Work Grant Thomas Brown • Kathy Morris • Douglas Prince • Lynn Schwarzer Special Projects Jon Reis receives a NYSCA Conduit Grant through Light Work to produce Cleared to Land, a series of photographs made at small airports. The finished mural-size images are displayed at airports throughout the state.  Performance Art Pat Oleszko performs The Soiree of O at the Milky Way Club in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center • Star Peace, a rock opera by Ed Sanders, is presented at Syracuse Stage. The performance, organized by Tom Walsh, is accompanied by a poetry reading by Allen Ginsberg and two performances by the rock band The Fugs • Charles Dennis performs Faces in the Crowd at the Milky Way Club.


Light Work publishes the 55th issue of Contact Sheet. Five issues are published this year at a total cost of $7,500 (this is less than what a single issue will cost ten years later).

Menschel Gallery Anti-Heroes and Predatory Powers, Ricardo Salcedo and Andres Serrano • In the Adirondacks with Camera, Seneca Ray Stoddard • Mechanics of Integrity, Bob Hower • Ceremonies and Transition, Judith Harold Steinhauser and Linn Underhill  Light Work Gallery Independents 1, David Dapogny, Nomi Kaplan, William Paris, and Bruce Wrighton • Julie Ault and Joseph Mills • Douglas Curran • Marilyn Anderson • Bruce Horowitz • Jack Fulton • Kerry Coppin • Photographs from the Light Work Collection1987 Light Work Grant Recipients  Lectures Marilyn Anderson and Jonathan Garlock  Artists-in-Residence Coreen Simpson • Jo Babcock • Sheila McLaughlin • Joni Sternbach • Richard Colburn • Lou Marcus • Vincent Borrelli • Sophie Rivera • Pavel Banka • David Wells • Marilyn Nance • Blanca Sierra  Light Work Grant Luke Buffenmyer • Margaret Fabrizio • Jeff Koch • Priscilla Smith Performance Art Pat Oleszko performs War’n Piece Where Fools Russian • Avant-garde violinist Leroy Jenkins in a solo performance • Jerri Allyn performs Hot and Nasty Humor Works. All three performances are held at the Milky Way Club.


After years of distributing its publications free of charge, Light Work initiates a publication subscription campaign, which takes in $4,309 from 200 subscribers. Both Contact Sheet and Menschel Gallery catalogues are printed in runs of 3,500, with the majority of issues distributed to artists, galleries, museums, and universities. Light Work receives a $75,000 Advancement Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to begin an endowment fund to support projects by mid-career artists. A four-color reproduction is used in Contact Sheet for the first time. The publication is re-formatted from the newsletter design to a book style.

Menschel Gallery Stereo Views, Jim Pomeroy • Photography Speaks, organized by the Chrysler Museum and curated by Brooks Johnson • Recent Work, William E. Parker • Seniors from the Newhouse and Art Media Studies Programs at Syracuse UniversityPersona, Linda Adele Goodine and Anne Rowland • Detail – Repetition –  Variation, Marion Faller  Light Work Gallery The Beholder’s Eye: Men as Women, Mariette Pathy Allen • Barbara Bosworth and Frank Hunter • Melanie Walker • Lisa Bloomfield and Connie Hatch • Ted Diamond • War Scenes, Mark Chambers and Mimi Plumb Chambers • 1988 Light Work Grant Recipients Workshops David Moore, Collage Printing  Artists-in-Residence Mark Steinmetz • Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz • Rick Hock • Lynne Cohen • Carrie Mae Weems • Dan Younger • Jeffrey Wolin • Nina Kuo • Thomas Florschuetz • Winfred Evers  Light Work Grant Courtney Frisse • Marie K. Parsons • Roderick L. Sutton • Bruce Wrighton  Special Projects Light Work publishes a 3-D stereo Viewmaster Viewer by Jim Pomeroy titled Stereo ViewsContact Sheet 61 features work on the cover by Barbara Zusman, Margaret Stratton, Michael Northrup, Curtis Walters, Corrine Whitaker, Gary Nickard, Judith Black, Jeffrey Blake, and Mark Goodman  Performance Art Ethyl Eichelberger performs Leer at the Klub Polski in Syracuse • Tom Murrin performs The Alien Comic at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center • Jo Andres and Cynthis Meyers perform Ghost Fish Speak at Syracuse Stage • PS 122 Field Trip, Mark Anderson, Danny Mydlack, Ann Carlson, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and a film by Pat Oleszko at Syracuse Stage • Paul Zaloom performs Theatre of Trash at the Milky Way Club.


Light Work receives the New York State Governor’s Art Award for excellence along with Miles Davis and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Gary Hesse is hired as a graduate assistant. Light Work purchases an Amiga computer for installation in the Community Darkrooms for use by members of the Darkrooms and Light Work’s visiting artists.

Menschel Gallery Sheer Conviction, installation by Alfredo Jaar • Verismo, Michael Martone • Joan Lyons • Evon Streetman  Light Work Gallery Nuclear Landscapes, Peter Goin • Recreated: Photographers Use Computers, Joan Harrison, Esther Parada, and Terry Gips • Michelle Frankfurter • Lynn Schwarzer • 1989 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in- Residence Clarissa Sligh • Marion Faller • Don Unrau • John Hodges • Lydia Ann Douglas • Pat Ward Williams • John Fago • Shawn Walker • Paul McDonough • Ruth Wallen • Michael Gibbs • Laura Cano • Kat O’Brien  Light Work Grant Thirza Devlin • Stephen Mahan • Mary Warner Marien • Adrienne Salinger  Special Projects Jo Babcock receives a Sponsored Project Grant from NYSCA through Light Work to turn a Volkswagon bus into a pinhole camera • The cover of Contact Sheet 66 features work by Nathaniel Burkins, William Wellman, Eduardo Del Valle and Mirta Gomez, Trace Rosel, Donald R. Anderson, Miriam Fishman, Jake Seniuk, Debra Heimerdinger, and John Humble  Performance Art Robbie McCauley performs Indian Blood at Syracuse Stage • Eric Darton and Scott Rossi perform Help for the Choking Victim at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center.


The focus of the Light Work Gallery shifts to regional exhibitions and exhibitions drawn from the Light Work Collection.

Menschel Gallery Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers, Robert Giard • Religion: African American Spiritual Expressions, Marilyn Nance • Metaphors of Intimacy, Christian Sunde • A Reflexion of Events: Four Czech Photographers, Pavel Banka, Rudo Prekop, Miro Svolik, and Milota Havrankova  Light Work Gallery Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition • Chris Sullivan, curated by Gary Hesse and Jeff Mitchell, graduate assistants at LW • Interplay: the visual / the verbal, Ronald A. Wilcox • The Roof of the World, Susan Brodie • From the Light Work Collection1990 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Anne Rowland • Accra Shepp • Sylvia de Swaan • Jim Pomeroy • Maria Martínez-Cañas • Gail Nicholson • Deborah Willis • Tim Maul • Eric Breitenbach • Scott Casher • Frank Stewart • Piotr Szyhalski • Richard Lowenberg  Light Work Grant Vincent Borrelli • Nancy Gonchar • Jason Mahshie • Christian Sunde  Special Projects Adrienne Salinger receives a NYSCA Sponsored Project Grant through Light Work to produce a series of photographs titled Teenagers and Their Bedrooms  Performance Art Tom Cayler performs Men Die Sooner at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center • The group Other Countries, with Donald Woods, Colin Robinson, David Warren Frechette, Roy Gonsalves, Edward C. Nash, and Christopher-Dana Rose, performs Acquired Visions, Seeing Ourselves Through AIDS, at the Underground in the Syracuse University Schine Student Center.


Gina Murtagh, Light Work’s assistant director, leaves to pursue graduate studies in photography and is replaced by Amy Hufnagel. Light Work phases out its Performance Art Series. Contact Sheet 71 announces the death of Marion Post Wolcott (1910 – 1990). Light Work offers limited edition prints and signed books through its subscription program for the first time.

Menschel Gallery Time Bomb, Ingeborg Gerdes, Barbara Norfleet, and John Pfahl • The Presence of Memory, Clarissa Sligh • Searching for the Good Light, Ed Grazda • Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge  Light Work Gallery Hiroshima, organized by the Visual Studies Workshop and curated by Hiromi Tsuchida • Biff Henrich • Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition1991 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Sharon Stewart • Mona Jimenez • Hilton Braithwaite • Terry Gips • Mikael Levin • Tyrone Georgiou • Casey Williams • Maxine Walker • Toba Tucker • Keith Piper • Paul Rutkovsky • Patti Ambrogi • Tony Gleaton  Light Work Grant Laura Cano • Darrell Matsumoto • Jon Reis • William Staffeld  Fine Print Program Scott McCarney, Carrie Mae Weems, Jim Pomeroy  Book Collectors Program Photography Speaks, edited by Brooks Johnson  Special Projects Contact Sheet 70 features Adrienne Salinger’s project Teenagers and Their Bedrooms.


Light Work begins the process of cataloging the 1,400 images in its collection. The process entails the creation of an image database of the collection. Gary Hesse graduates from the Art Media Studies Department at Syracuse University and is hired as a part-time lab manager. Contact Sheet 73 announces the death of Jim Pomeroy (1945 – 1992).

Menschel Gallery Noisy Insignificance, a ten-channel video installation by John Knecht and Les Leveque • The Catherwood Project, Leandro Katz • Discovery and Detail, Willyum Rowe • The Omega Suites, Lucinda Devlin • Easy, Hilton Braithwaite  Light Work Gallery In the Scape, images from the Light Work Collection • Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition • Julio Mitchell • Community Darkrooms Member ExhibitionRecent Acquisitions to the LW Collection1992 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Charles Biasiny-Rivera • Vikky Alexander • Mel Rosenthal • Detlef Henrichs • Willie Middlebrook • Chris Sullivan • Tatana Kellner • Jolene Rickard • Yuri Marder • Alan de Souza • Yong Soon Min • Ulf Erdmann Ziegler • Billy Quinn  Light Work Grant Sherry Chayat • Sylvia de Swaan • Michael Greenlar • Allyn Stewart  Fine Print Program Roger Mertin, Clarissa Sligh, Jeffrey Hoone, Anne Rowland  Book Collectors Program Jack Fulton, 2 Saunters: Summer & Winter  Special Projects Light Work produces a special publication of work by Julio Mitchell.


Light Work publishes Stranger Than Fiction, a photography book by Jim Stone. This

is the first project supported by Light Work’s Endowment Fund for Mid-Career Artists. Light Work  purchases its first Macintosh computer for use by visiting artists and Community Darkrooms members.

Menschel Gallery Abstracted Identities, Patti Ambrogi and Willie Middlebrook • Public Axis, Doug Muir • Short Stories: The West, Peter de Lory • A Sense of Common Ground: Photographs from Kenya’s Northern Frontier, Fazal Sheikh  Light Work Gallery Art Media Studies Senior ExhibitionFrom the Light Work Collection • White Rose Society Exhibition • Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition • 1993 Light Work Grant Recipients Artists-in-Residence Bill Gaskins • Andrea Modica • Victor Lugansky • Pat Bacon • Laura Aguilar • Gaye Chan • Deborah Brackenbury • Boris Mihailov • Diane Neumaier • Amy Jenkins • Corky Lee • Fazal Sheikh  Light Work Grant Wendi Ackerman • Eleanor Hassett • Heidi Kumao • Stephen Skopik  Fine Print Program Tony Gleaton, Linda Adele Goodine, Chris Sullivan, Marilyn Nance  Book Collectors Program Jim Pomeroy, Stereo Views  Special Projects Contact Sheet 77 features a new section called Gallery in Print, photos by Toby Old • Contact Sheet 80 announces the exhibit Photography and Identity: Selections from the Light Work Collection at the Lowe Art Gallery at Syracuse University curated by Teddy Aiken, director of the Lowe Art Gallery, and students in the Museum Studies Program at Syracuse University.


Assistant director Amy Hufnagel leaves Light Work to pursue independent art projects, and Gary Hesse is promoted from part-time lab manager to full-time associate director. Stephanie Nagel is hired as a part-time administrative assistant.

Menschel Gallery SEe(MAN)TIC, Bern Porter • Cracked Shell, Jolene Rickard • Vietnam: War Stories and Meditations, Don Unrau • Virtual Archaeology, Tyrone Georgiou  Light Work Gallery A Sense of Values: American Marines in an Uncertain World, photos by Bob Mahoney, text by Dave Wood • Silver Light, images from the Light Work Collection, curated by Light Work interns Alison Shirk and Elise Thompson • Community Darkrooms Members ExhibitionRecent Acquisitions to the Light Work CollectionArt Media Studies Senior Exhibition1994 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Barbara Yoshida • Ann Holcomb • Carlos Gutierrez-Solana • Gavin Lee • Elise Mitchell Sanford • Shelley Niro • Young K • Sara Hart • Sylvia de Swaan • Kathy Vargas • Lida Suchý • Mišo Suchý  Light Work Grant Brantley Carroll • Rhea Garen • David Moore • Diane Nerwen  Fine Print Program Lucinda Devlin, Hilton Braithwaite, Doug Muir  Book Collectors Program Jim Stone, Stranger Than Fiction  Special Projects Contact Sheet 83 features photographs by Joe Szabo from his series 25 Years at Jones Beach, with an essay by Fielding Dawson • Contact Sheet 84 features Return, photographs by Sylvia de Swaan, with an essay by Adrian Giurgea, a special project supported by NYSCA, the New York Foundation for the Arts, ArtsLink Partnership, and Art Matters Inc.


Stephanie Nagel leaves to take a full-time job in Washington, DC, and Mary Lee Hodgens is hired as a part-time administrative assistant. Light Work launches a homepage on the Internet including images and text about exhibitions, residencies, and work from the collection. Contact Sheet 88 announces the death of Light Work board member Patrick Heagerty (1955 – 1995).

Menschel Gallery The Exile Project, Yuri Marder • Making Connections, Rita Hammond • The Stuff of Dreams, Elise Mitchell Sanford • Appeal to this Age: Photography of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954 – 1968, a traveling exhibition curated by Steven Casher for the Howard Greenberg Gallery  Light Work Gallery Arti-FACE, work by graduate students in the

Art Media Studies Department at Syracuse University including Susan Carnahan, Ariel Foster, Laura Jones, Rebekah Modrak, Josefa Mulaire, Libby Rowe,Tracy Wascom, and Kim Wolf • Syracuse as Subject, images from the Light Work Collection • Recent Acquisitions • Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition • Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition • 1995 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Andrea Robbins & Max Becher • Patty Wallace • Gary Nickard • John Spence • Gerald Cyrus • Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie • Martina Lopez • Bill McDowell • Laura Cano • Albert Chong • Judith Black • Craig Barber • Lou Draper (2 weeks in 1995 and 1996)  Light Work Grant Brett Booth • Sarah Cunningham • Linn Underhill • Emile Wamsteker  Fine Print Program Willie Middlebrook, Fazal Sheikh  Book Collectors Program Andrea Modica, Minor League.


John Freyer is hired as a full-time lab manager. Light Work produces Visits, a portfolio of twenty 23 × 18 inch platinum prints by Linda Connor. The printing of the portfolio is supported by Light Work’s Endowment Fund for Mid-Career Artists. Limited edition platinum prints are offered through our subscription program for the first time.

Menschel Gallery Some Other Realms, Chris Sullivan • Good and Bad Hair, Bill Gaskins • The Light Work Collection: Circumstances Over DesignVisits, Linda Connor  Light Work Gallery Myth, Memory, and Metaphor: 12 Women Photographers, images from the Light Work Collection, curated by Ariel Foster and Rebekah Modrak • Community Darkrooms Member ExhibitionArt Media Studies Seniors Exhibition • 1996 Light Work Grant Recipients Artists-in-Residence Lou Draper (2 weeks in 1995 and 1996) • Roger Mertin • Lynne Cohen • Pamela Vander Zwan • Bob Haggart • Deborah Bright • Marcio Lima • Tetsu Okuhara • Danny Tisdale • Peter Max Kandhola • Liz Birkholz • Renee Cox • Lewis Watts • Dona Ann McAdams • Miriam Romais  Light Work Grant Gina Murtagh • Adrienne Salinger • Vincent Borrelli  Fine Print Program Bill McDowell, Albert Chong, Martina Lopez  Platinum Editions Program Linda Connor  Book Collectors Program Fazal Sheikh, A Sense of Common Ground.


Light Work produces Permutations on the Picturesque, a portfolio of twenty Iris prints by John Pfahl. The portfolio is supported by Light Work’s Endowment Fund for Mid-Career Artists. Mary Lee Hodgens becomes a full-time admin­istrative assistant. Light Work now has four full-time staff members. Publication subscribers now number over 2,200, including subscribers in all 50 states and 12 foreign countries. The Light Work Collection includes more than 1,700 images, all catalogued on a searchable computer image database. 217 artists have participated in the Artist-in-Residence program. Light Work has now produced over 150 publications.

Menschel Gallery Haiti: Dreams and Nightmares, Bruce Gilden • AlterNatives, Alan de Souza and Yong Soon Min • Permutations on the Picturesque, John Pfahl • The Garden of Eden, Dona Ann McAdams, with text by Brad Kessler  Light Work Gallery Recent Acquisitions to the Light Work CollectionArt Media Studies Senior ExhibitionNewhouse Senior ExhibitionCommunity Darkrooms Member ExhibitionFather’s Day, Charles Wainwright and Gary Walts • 1997 Light Work Grant Recipients  Artists-in-Residence Valerie Maynard • Steve Cagan • James Williams • Robert Flynt • Pamela Shields • Stanley Greenberg • Linda Adele Goodine • Dave Lewis • Carla Williams • Allyn Stewart  Light Work Grant Mary Warner Marien • Mark Alice Durant • Mary Beth Heffernan  Fine Print Program Renee Cox, Bob Hower, Dawoud Bey Platinum Editions Program Zeke Berman  Book Collectors Program Bruce Gilden, Haiti Special Projects Light Work mounts an exhibition from its collection titled Syracuse as Subject at the John H. Mulroy Civic Center in Syracuse. The exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Resources Council.


Contact Sheet is re-designed by Marty Blake to a bigger format at the beginning of the year. Contact Sheet 97 is published to celebrate Light Work’s 25th anniversary, featuring images by all of the 217 artists who participated in Light Work’s Artist-in-Residence program by December 1997.

Menschel Gallery Eclectic Flavour, Joy Gregory, Roshini Kempadoo, Addela Khan, Franklyn Rodgers, and Yinka Shonibare, curated by Eddie Chambers and sponsored by Autograph: The Association of Black Photographers in London • Banner of Light: The Lily Dale Photographs, Bill McDowell • Past and Present Tense, David Graham • German Indians / Bavarian by Law, Andrea Robbins & Max Becher  Light Work Gallery Computer Assisted: Images from the Light Work CollectionCommunity Darkrooms Member ExhibitionNewhouse Senior Exhibition1998 Light Work Grant RecipientsSketches from the Roof of the World, Stephen Mahan Artists-in-Residence Michael Putnam • Margaret Stratton • Elijah Gowin • Chan Chao • Nancy Floyd • Ajamu • Saiman Li • Tim Maul • Tony Gleaton • Zana Briski • Beth B  Light Work Grant Dede Hatch • Michael Greenlar • Janice Levy  Fine Print Program Dona Ann McAdams, John Pfahl, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie  Platinum Editions Program Carrie Mae Weems  Book Collectors Program Bill Gaskins, Good and Bad Hair  Lectures Phil Block • Nancy Larraine Hoffman • Andrea Robbins & Max Becher.


Vernon Burnett is hired as lab manager. Mary Lee Hodgens becomes exhibition co­ordinator. Light Work receives a Gold Award for Contact Sheet 99 from the Gallery of Superb Printing, which recognizes people and companies that produce the finest printing and graphic arts products worldwide. Jeffrey Hoone receives the 1998 Achievement Award from The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, NY. Lisa Goodlin joins Light Work as copy editor of Contact Sheet. Contact Sheet 102 announces the death of Rita Hammond (1924 – 1999).

Menschel Gallery No Es Fácil / It’s Not Easy: Looking at Cuba Today, Steve Cagan • South to West Oakland, Lewis Watts • Digital Allegory, Martina Lopez • Desire: Contemporary Photography from the Visual AIDS Archive Project, curated by Ernesto Pujol  Light Work Gallery In the Field of Black Birds: Kosovar Refugees in Albania and Italy, Emile Wamsteker • Community Darkrooms Member ExhibitionArt Media Studies Senior Exhibition • Newhouse Senior Exhibition  Artists-in-Residence Robert Hirsch • Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie • Ernesto Pujol • Yu Hirai • Ingrid Pollard • Annu Palakunnathu Matthew • John Trotter • Patrick Jolley • Beuford Smith • Albert J. Winn • Peter Finnemore  Light Work Grant David Moore • Karen La Vallee Norton • Thomas Piché, Jr.  Fine Print Program David Graham, Andrea Robbins & Max Becher, Lewis Watts  Platinum Editions Program James Casebere  Book Collectors Program Stanley Greenberg, Invisible New York  Lectures Steve Cagan • Ernesto Pujol Special Projects 1999 Student Art Open, Everson Museum of Art • Photography project with Corcoran High School (funded by Light Work, New York State Council on the Arts, the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse City School District, and Syracuse Teen AIDS Task Force).


Marianne Stavenhagen joins the Light Work staff as administrative assistant. John Freyer leaves his position at Light Work to return to graduate school. The Light Work / Community Darkrooms facility at 316 Waverly Avenue closes down on May 5, 2000, and construction begins on the complete renovation of the building. The offices, darkrooms, and entire staff move to 621 Skytop Road during the renovations.

Menschel Gallery Burma: Something Went Wrong, Chan Chao • State Fair, Joseph Lawton • Self-Portraits, 1974 – 2000, Karl Baden • Across the Void, Albert Chong  Light Work Gallery Community Darkrooms Member Exhibition • Art Media Studies Senior Exhibition • Newhouse Senior Exhibition  Artists-in-Residence Vincent Cianni • Clarissa Sligh • Joseph Lawton • Lonnie Graham • A. Leo Nash • Dinh Q. Lê • Janet Henry • Bill Burns  Light Work Grant Michael Patrick Demmy • Doug DuBois • Carol Golemboski  Fine Print Program Phil Block, Karl Baden, Carla Williams  Platinum Editions Program Andres Serrano  Book Collectors Program Gary Schneider, Genetic Self-Portrait  Lectures Patrick Jolley • Chan Chao • Albert Chong  Special Projects From the Collection of Light Work, Tyler Art Gallery • Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers, 1840 to the Present, exhibition including images from the Light Work Collection, organized by the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History.


Light Work moves back into its renovated facility at 316 Waverly Avenue, holding the dedication of the Robert B. Menschel Media Center on May 10, 2001. The $3.2 million renovation doubles the space to 10,000 square feet, including a state-of-the-art photography and digital imaging lab. The Media Center features three gallery spaces: the main Light Work Gallery, Hallway Gallery, and Community Darkrooms Gallery. The renovation is made possible by the generosity of Robert B. Menschel and Syracuse University. Sol Lewitt designs and donates one of his wall drawings to the project. The piece, titled Wall Drawing #969 (Uneven Circle), is installed in the main entrance to the facility. Also located in the new space is UUTV, a student-run television station; WJPZ, a student-run radio station; Food Works, a small grocery store; and Watson Theater, a 250-seat lecture hall. The Society for Photographic Education holds its fall regional conference at Syracuse University, hosting a reception and tours of the Robert B. Menschel Media Center. John Mannion is hired as Digital Lab Manager.

Light Work Gallery The Victor Weeps: Afghanistan, Fazal Sheikh • One Art, Piotr Szyhalski Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Points of View, Bob Burdick • Images of Resistance: 35 Years of Social Activism and Democracy in Central New York, Mima Cataldo and Ruth Putter • 2001 Light Work Grant RecipientsCommunity Darkrooms Member ExhibitionArt Media Studies Senior ExhibitionNewhouse Senior Exhibition  Menschel Gallery At the Edge of Fiction, Andrea Modica • Detained in Purgatory, Margaret Stratton • Ritual & Religion, images from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Lori Nix • Iosif Kiraly • Zoë Sheehan Saldaña • Cynthia Greig • Laurie Long • Alan de Souza • Ferenc Suto •

Neal Rantoul  Light Work Grant Sylvia de Swaan • Ron Jude • Kim Waale  Fine Print Program Elijah Gowin, Margaret Stratton, Chan Chao  Platinum Editions Program Pavel Banka  Book Collectors Program Michael Putnam, Silent Screens  Lectures Linda Connor • Andrea Modica • Margaret Stratton • Piotr Szyhalski  Special Projects Visits, Linda Connor (at Lubin House) • Lubin House features an exhibition of work by four Artists-in-Residence — Peter Finnemore, Robert Hirsch, Yu Hirai, and Elijah Gowin • Community Darkrooms offers an Alumni Photography Workshop as a new Homecoming program • Light Work awards the first annual Scholastic Art Award in Photography to the high school student with the best photography portfolio.


Jeffrey Hoone is appointed to the Artists Advisory Board of the Artists’ Fellowships Program at New York Foundation for the Arts. Marianne Stavenhagen leaves for a new position in Houston, TX. Anisha Joseph joins the staff as promotions coordinator. Contact Sheet 117 announces the deaths of Sy Rubin (1931 – 2002), Lou Draper (1935 – 2002), and Fielding Dawson (1930 – 2002).

Light Work Gallery Waiting to Happen, Lori Nix • Illustration of Life, Max Kandhola • Tengo casi 500 años: I have almost 500 years. Africa’s Legacy in Mexico, Central and South America, Tony Gleaton • Bollywood Cowboys and Indians from India, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Motion_Pictures: A Video Installation by John Freyer, John Freyer • Cover Girls, Patti Ambrogi • Art Media Studies Senior Photography Annual2002 Light Work Grant RecipientsPast and Present Photographs by Past and Current Members of Community Darkrooms  Menschel Gallery Ties that Bind: Images of Celebration, Adversity, and Identity, images from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Judy Natal • Pamela So • Alessandra Sanguinetti • Max Kandhola • Ellen M. Blalock • Yoko Kanayama • Rebecca Hackemann • Osamu James Nakagawa • Doug Muir • Laura Cano • Martin Weber  Light Work Grant Vivian Babuts • Julie Magura • JP Crangle & Chad Reagan  Fine Print Program Peter Finnemore, Piotr Szyhalski, Linn Underhill  Platinum Editions Program Andrea Modica  Book Collectors Program Andrea Modica, Human Being  Lectures Tom Sherman • Max Kandhola • Tony Gleaton • Annu Palakunnathu Matthew  Special Projects Mary Lee Hodgens and Marianne Stavenhagen receive a Vision Fund award for Varying Perspectives from the Light Work Collection • Mary Lee Hodgens and Vernon Burnett receive a Feinstone Grant for Multicultural Initiatives • The Robert B. Menschel Media Center is featured in a key article in the Syracuse University Magazine • Alfred University’s artSite in Wellsville, NY, features the exhibition The Constructed Narrative: Selections from the Light Work Archives.


Light Work’s website is re-designed by Sean Hovendick and includes an online store for the first time. Light Work receives the highest grant in its category from both the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Lisa Goodlin transitions her responsibilities as copy editor for Contact Sheet to full-time Light Work staff members. Contact Sheet 122 announces the death of Robert Giard (1939 – 2003).

Light Work Gallery Embracing Eatonville, Dawoud Bey, Lonnie Graham, Carrie Mae Weems, and Deborah Willis • After 9/11, Nathan Lyons • Everyday Poetry, Bill Arnold • The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams, Alessandra Sanguinetti  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Art Media Studies Student Photography Annual • Newhouse Photography Annual • 2003 Light Work Grant Recipients  Menschel Gallery Are We There Yet? A Journey Through Childhood, images from the Light Work Collection • Ukrainian Photographs: U.S.A.– Ukraine, Lida Suchý • Remnants of a Secret War, Michael Greenlar • Diverse Voices: New Acquisitions to the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Howard Henry Chen • Rebecca Guberman-Bloom • Warren Neidich • Deborah Jack • Sunil Gupta • Jessamyn Lovell • Kathy Marmor • Nzingah Muhammad • Matt Black • Julio Grinblatt • William Earle Williams  Light Work Grant John Dowling • Rhea Garen • Wilka Roig  Fine Print Program Judy Natal, Osamu James Nakagawa, Alessandra Sanguinetti  Platinum Editions Program Tony Gleaton  Book Collectors Program Todd Hido, Outskirts  Lectures Martin Weber • Joel Seah • Michael Greenlar • Alessandra Sanguinetti  Special Projects Embracing Eatonville exhibition travels to the Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Fine Arts in Eatonville, FL • Stone Quarry Hill Art Park features an exhibition titled Playing Doubles: The Photography of Rita Hammond, comprised of work from the Light Work Collection • The Light Work Learning Community is formed, allowing students interested in photography to live together in the Watson Hall dorm and take a class together at Community Darkrooms.


Anisha Joseph leaves for a new position in New York City. Gary Hesse leaves for a new position in California. Light Work hires Hannah Frieser as associate director and Jessica Heckman as promotions coordinator. Light Work receives a Cultural Resources Council Horizon Award. Sol Lewitt designs and donates a monumental 12 × 140 foot public art installation to Syracuse University in honor of Chancellor Nancy Cantor’s inauguration. Jeffrey Hoone coordinates the permanent installation of the piece, titled Six Curved Walls (Syracuse), on the SU Campus. Light Work’s permanent collection becomes available through a searchable online database. Lisa Goodlin reorganizes Light Work’s board of directors and becomes chair.

Light Work Gallery Berlin in the Time of the Wall, John Gossage • A Conversation with the World, Lonnie Graham • EarthWords, Judy Natal • A Map of Latin American Dreams, Martin Weber  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Art Media Studies Photography AnnualNewhouse Photography Annual2004 Light Work Grant RecipientsPoint of Contact: The Journal of Verbal and Visual ArtsStreet Jazz, Michael Davis  Menschel Gallery Pleasure Principle: Selections from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Pipo Nguyen-duy • Bharti Parmar • Tone Stockenström • Myra Greene • Matthew Swarts • Stephen Hughes • Alex Harsley • Scott Townsend • Wayne Barrar • Susan Lipper • Jonathan Moller  Light Work Grant Barry Perlus • Harry Littell & Lois Barden • Mark Hemendinger  Fine Print Program Dawoud Bey, Lonnie Graham, Carrie Mae Weems, Deborah Willis  Platinum Editions Program Jim Dine  Book Collectors Program Jerry Uelsmann, Referencing Art • John Freyer, All My Life For Sale  Lectures Lonnie Graham  Special Projects The Diverse Voices exhibition travels to Syracuse University’s Lubin House in New York City.


Past Artist-in-Residence Zana Briski receives an Academy Award for her documentary Born into Brothels. Carrie Mae Weems, Lisa Goodlin, and Mary Lee Hodgens, with the help of the Light Work staff, host a 50 - 25 - 10 surprise party for Jeffrey Hoone at the Lubin House in New York City. This party marks Hoone’s 50th birthday, 25th year at Light Work, and 10th wedding anniversary with Carrie Mae Weems. Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor creates the Coalition of Museum and Art Centers (CMAC) and names Jeffrey Hoone as its executive director. Several job descriptions at Light Work change to accommodate Hoone’s new responsibilities. He becomes the executive director of Light Work and Hannah Frieser is promoted to director. Contact Sheet 132 announces the deaths of Bern Porter (1911 – 2004) and Marnie Gillett (1953 – 2004).

Light Work Gallery Waterlog: The Beach Series, Toby Old • View From Here, Kanako Sasaki • Artist Work: CEPA Gallery at ThirtyMeanwhile, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña • A Long Year, Karl Baden  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Secret Games: Collaborative Works with Children 1969 – 1999, Wendy Ewald • Sketches from the Roof of the World, Stephen Mahan • 2005 Light Work Grants Director’s Choice AwardsArt Media Studies Photography AnnualNewhouse Photography AnnualI Wish My Sister Would Talk One Day: Photographs by Fifth Graders from the Ed Smith Elementary School  Menschel Gallery Borders: Selections from the Light Work CollectionA Case About Diversity: The Affirmative Action Lawsuits at the University of MichiganSurrender, 2001, Bill Viola  Artists-in-Residence Keith Johnson • Rik Pinkcombe • Martin Kollár • Kanako Sasaki • Angelika Rinnhofer • Michael Schreier • Jennifer Greenburg • Peggy Nolan • Ben Gest • Suzanne Opton • Migdalia Valdes • Hank Willis Thomas Light Work Grant Luke Buffenmyer • Doug DuBois • Steven Skopik  Fine Print Program Martin Weber, Lori Nix, John Gossage  Platinum Editions Program Nathan Lyons  Book Collectors Program Toby Old, Times Squared • Vincent Cianni, We Skate Hardcore  Lectures Wendy Ewald • Stephen Mahan  Special Projects Light Work launches the Light Work Master Series Workshops at Community Darkrooms with presentations by Angelika Rinnhofer and Neal Rantoul • Duke Center for Documentary Studies holds a Literacy Through Photography workshop for Syracuse City School District teachers and community members • Work by Deborah Willis from the Light Work Collection is loaned to Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Connecticut for an exhibition • Light Work hangs an exhibition of work from the Light Work Collection at the New York State Fair.


Light Work receives an Excellence Award from the Cultural Resources Council in Syracuse, as well as an award from the Alliance of New York State Arts Organizations, for service to artists. Light Work receives a major grant from the Central New York Community Foundation to install billboards for Suzanne Opton’s exhibition Soldier. Light Work hires Laura A. Guth as assistant director. Light Work doubles the stipend given to participants in the Artist-in-Residence program to $4,000, and the Light Work Grants are doubled to $2,000 each. Thirty years after it started, the Artist-in-Residence program has brought over 300 artists to Syracuse. Contact Sheet 137 announces the death of Esther Parada (1938 – 2005).

Light Work Gallery Perception and Deception, Rik Pinkcombe • Members Only, Beatrix Reinhardt • Soldier, Suzanne Opton • East of Eden, Pipo Nguyen-duy  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Households, Mark Robbins • The Hermetic Alphabet, Judy Natal • A Day in the Life of Salem Hyde Elementary School2006 Transmedia Photography AnnualNewhouse Photography Annual2006 Light Work GrantsOff Shoots: Post-Standard Staff PhotographersSmall, Smaller, Smallest: Images by the Light Work and Community Darkrooms Staff  Menschel Gallery Learning Through the Lens: Collaborations with Children from the Edward Smith Elementary School • Digital Transitions: Selections from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Beatrix Reinhardt • Lisa M. Robinson • Abigail Hadeed • Don Gregorio Antón • Philip Zimmermann • Kerry Skarbakka • Yee Ling Tang • Binh Danh • Barry Anderson • KayLynn Deveney • Blake Fitch  Light Work Grant Laura Heyman • Thilde Jensen • Rishi Singhal  Fine Print Program Ben Gest, Toby Old, Kanako Sasaki  Platinum Editions Program Jeffrey Hoone  Book Collectors Program Alessandra Sanguinetti, On the Sixth Day Lectures Vicki Goldberg • Lacy Austin • Elinor Carucci • Mark Robbins • Beatrix Reinhardt • John Mannion and Christopher Secor • Rik Pinkcombe  Special Projects Light Work becomes part of Th3, an initiative of art galleries and museums to stay open late on the third Thursday of each month • Light Work supports the LGBT Resource Center to bring the exhibition Love Makes a Family to Syracuse University • Light Work exhibits work from its permanent collection at the new Warehouse Gallery with other members of CMAC • Work from the Light Work Collection by Bharti Parmar is loaned to the Center of Photography at Woodstock for exhibition • The exhibition Off Shoots: Post-Standard Staff Photographers travels to Syracuse City Hall • The exhibition Soldier travels to CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY • Keith Johnson presents a Light Work Master Series Workshop.


Light Work receives one of the largest grants in the country in its category from the National Endowment for the Arts to support its Artist-in-Residence program. A gallery reception and artist lecture by Binh Danh is featured as the kick-off event of Syracuse Symposium, a semester-long intellectual and artistic festival celebrating interdisciplinary thinking, imagining, and creating, presented by Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences to the entire Syracuse community.

Light Work Gallery Sammelsurium, Angelika Rinnhofer • One Week’s Dead, Binh Danh • Ben Gest, Ben Gest • Unsung Heroes: African American Soldiers in the Civil War, William Earle Williams  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries 2007 Transmedia Photography AnnualNewhouse Photography Annual2007 Light Work Grant RecipientsTrain of Thought: Serial Images from the Light Work CollectionThe Lost Photos of Vietnam, Al Fasoldt • Artist Showcase: Images by Brian Arnold  Menschel Gallery A Just Image: Selections from the Light Work CollectionUn/Common Threads: Selections from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Suzanne Mejean • Lucas Foglia • Marla Sweeney • Elwira Jaglowska • Todd Gray • Sonya A. Lawyer • Stephen Chalmers  Light Work Grant Brantley Carroll • ella gant • David Moore  Fine Print Program Lisa M. Robinson, Kerry Skarbakka, Pipo Nguyen-duy  Platinum Editions Program Mark Klett  Book Collectors Program Mark Steinmetz, South Central  Lectures William Earle Williams • Al Fasoldt • Binh Danh • Angelika Rinnhofer  Special Projects The Digital Transitions exhibition travels to Syracuse University’s Lubin House, New York City • The Dreams Between the Sky and Earth exhibition is on view at the Link Gallery at the Warehouse as part of the Literacy, Community, and Photography program • The Embracing Eatonville exhibition travels to the University of Michigan Art Museum • A Journey Towards Hope: Underground Railroad Sites in Oberlin, OH, Coriana Close (featured in Panasci Lounge, Syracuse University’s Schine Student Center) • Underground Railroad Made Visible, William Earle Williams (featured at Community Folk Art Center and Cazenovia College) • Community Darkrooms launches a photography course for home-schooled children • Light Work collaborates with the LGBT Resource Center and local photographer Ellen M. Blalock to photograph local LGBT families • Forest McMullen and Lisa M. Robinson present Light Work Master Series Workshops • Todd Gray performs Sonic Love Wave at Light Work and the New Renaissance Theater in Syracuse.


Contact Sheet 147 celebrates Light Work’s 35th anniversary. Contact Sheet is re-designed by Joe Quinn. Light Work receives the highest grant in New York State for general operating support from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) for the fifth year in a row. Light Work receives the Foundation Award for Outstanding Department from Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center. Light Work’s website is re-designed once again by Sean Hovendick, which includes an extensive archive of past exhibitions and web access to Light Work’s permanent collection. Laura A. Guth leaves her position to pursue other projects. Light Work hires Mary Goodwin as assistant director. Light Work launches a collaborative residency with Syracuse University’s Warehouse Gallery and invites Kianga Ford to participate in the three-month program.

Light Work Gallery Ollin Mecatl: The Measure of Movements, Don Gregorio Antón • Expectations of Adolescence, Blake Fitch • Walk #1, Ernesto Pujol • Tracing Memory: Photographs by Angie Buckley, Pedro Isztin, Cyrus Karimipour, and Paula Luttringer, curated by Miriam Romais  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries 2008 Light Work Grant RecipientsImages of a Girl, Images of a Woman, Rita Hammond • 2008 Transmedia Photography AnnualEducating Artists: Photo Programs in ReviewArtist Showcase: Images by Jane WalkerArtist Showcase: Images by Jessica Martinez  Menschel Gallery As It Happens: Recent Artists-in-Residence at Light Work  Artists-in-Residence Garie Waltzer • Xaviera Simmons • Deana Lawson • Cristina Fraire • John Clark Mayden • Scott Conarroe • Amy Stein • Admas Habteslasie • Krista Steinke • Kelli Connell • Oscar Palacio • Lola Flash • Paula Luttringer • Christine Osinski • Kianga Ford (Warehouse Residency Project)  Light Work Grant Kathy Morris • Paul Pearce • Nancy Keefe Rhodes  Fine Print Program Matt Black, Blake Fitch, Angelika Rinnhofer  Platinum Editions Program Hank Willis Thomas  Book Collectors Program Lisa M. Robinson, Snowbound • Zana Briski, Brothel  Lectures Don Gregorio Antón • “Art Schools: A Group Crit,” panel discussion with Bill Gaskins, Holly Greenberg, Sarah McCoubrey, and moderated by Doug Dubois •  “Pastiche, Performance, and Portraiture (and the imponderable hazards of publishing photographs),” panel discussion with Gina Murtagh, Kim Waale, Ann Ryan, and Julie Grossman •  “Argentina: Beyond the Prison Walls,” lecture with Paula Luttringer and Margarita Drago (co-sponsored by Syracuse Symposium and LLAS-Latino / Latin American Studies)  Special Projects LW receives a Chancellor’s Feinstone Grant for Multicultural Initiatives for a workshop on cultural identity taught by Don Gregorio Antón. The artist spends a week giving gallery talks, lectures, workshops, and portfolio reviews, and visits a class at Fowler High School • Work from the Light Work Collection is loaned to the Everson Museum of Art for the exhibition On the Move: Images of Travel from Everson Museum of Art and Syracuse University Collections • Light Work’s collaboration with the LGBT Resource Center and photographer Ellen M. Blalock culminates in the exhibition and publication CNY Pride Families (featured in Panasci Lounge, Syracuse University’s Schine Student Center) • Light Work receives a grant from the Women’s Fund of Central New York to teach a photography workshop at the Van Buren Street Boys and Girls Club, titled “Imaging Women: Exploring Issues of Identity, Faith, and Culture through Photography” • Light Work received a John Ben Snow Grant to teach a photography workshop at Hutchings Psychiatric Center School, and a Syracuse City School District Education Foundation Grant to teach digital photography to immigrant children at Franklin Magnet School • Light Work supports Nancy Keefe Rhodes in the restoration of Marjory Wilkins’s photographs for an exhibition • Light Work supports Lida Suchy’s project “The Community Choir” in preparation for her 2009 exhibition at ArtRage Gallery.


After a year of collaborating and consulting with the Connective Corridor project at Syracuse University, Light Work assumes programming responsibility for the Corridor’s innovative Urban Video Project (UVP). Designed on a model created by SU students Blake Carrington, Christopher Gianunzio, and Colin Todd, the Connective Corridor grew the project into three permanent outdoor video projection sites throughout downtown Syracuse. Adam Brown is hired as the technical producer of UVP. Community Darkrooms is renovated to remove the color processor and improve the facility overall. These changes increase the digital printing services area, add more large-format printers, add a private reserve room for member use, and offer a lounge and library for members. As part of an optimization process for Community Darkrooms, some staff responsibilities are shifted and Mary Goodwin becomes associate director, and Vernon Burnett becomes customer service manager.

Light Work Gallery Prosthesis, Ellen Garvens • Limbo, Admas Habteslasie • Intermissions, Barry Anderson • Corporeal, Deana Lawson  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries As It Happens: Recent Additions to the Light Work Collection2009 Light Work Grants2009 Transmedia Photography AnnualArtists At Work: Transmedia Photo Faculty  Menschel Gallery Suspension, Barry Anderson  Artists-in-Residence Karen Garrett de Luna • Demetrius Oliver • Rachelle Mozman • Meggan Gould • Doug Manchee • Chad States • Dean Kessmann • Leslie Hewitt • Eileen Perrier • Yolanda del Amo • Shawn Records • Priya Kambli  Urban Video Project Intermissions, Barry Anderson  Light Work Grant Karen Brummund • Laura Adams Guth • Stephen Shaner  Fine Print Program Marla Sweeney • Krista Steinke • Garie Waltzer Platinum Editions Program Arno Rafael Minkkinen  Book Collectors Program Hank Willis Thomas, Pitch Blackness  Lectures Admas Habteslasie • “Posing Beauty,” Deborah Willis in conversation with Carrie Mae Weems • “Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs,” Mary Virginia Swanson and Susan kae Grant • Doug DuBois book signing and lecture  Special Projects Students and SU staff members in Verbal Blend create spoken word poetry in response to Admas Habteslasie’s photographs, which they perform at his reception and lecture • Light Work presents Intermissions, an innovative art exhibition and related programs featuring the video and photographic art of Kansas City artist Barry Anderson. Anderson’s work (both video and still photographs) is featured throughout Syracuse at a dozen venues, on billboards, projected onto buildings, and installed on windows. LW commissions the video / music composition, Genome of the Soul, between Anderson and Syracuse composer Andrew Waggoner. Programming for Intermissions includes a student film screening in Syracuse and Kansas City, a gallery talk at the Everson Museum of Art, and receptions at multiple venues • LW received a grant from the Women’s Fund of Central New York for the second year in a row to teach a photography workshop at the Van Buren Street Boys and Girls Club, titled “Imaging Women: Exploring Issues of Identity, Faith, and Culture through Photography” • Light Work attends Photo Miami • Light Work completes the process of accessioning 900 works by Rita Hammond into the Light Work Collection • Light Work supports Laura Heyman with a mid-career grant to allow her to participate in the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti • The 2008 collaboration with the Warehouse Gallery culminates in the Kianga Ford’s exhibition Landscapes and Interiors at the Warehouse.


Light Work moves one of the Urban Video Project (UVP) projectors to the Everson Museum, welcoming the museum as a collaborative partner on the project. This move makes it possible to screen films and videos on the outside of one of the parapet walls of the iconic museum designed by I. M. Pei in 1965. This massive detail of the building is an almost perfect 16 : 9 ratio making it ideal for letterbox video and film formats, more evidence that Pei was always ahead of his time. The first projection at the UVP Everson site is Bill Viola’s The Quintet of the Astonished. Viola is a graduate of Syracuse University and had his first museum exhibition at the Everson in 1973, when it became one of the first museums in the world to exhibit and collect video art. Jon Reis donates ninety-three photographs to the Light Work Collection, bringing the collection to over 3,500 pieces.

Light Work Gallery The Imp of Love, Rachel Herman • Unmarked, Stephen Chalmers • Pa Bouje Ankò: Don’t Move Again, Laura Heyman • Archipelago, Yolanda del Amo  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries 2010 Light Work Grants, Yasser Aggour, Ron Jude, Lida Suchy • 2010 Transmedia Photography Annual Downstream: Encounters with the Colorado River, Karen Halverson • Bearing Witness: The Light Work Collection, Dena Al-Adeeb, Sama Alshaibi, Nancy Floyd, Paula Luttringer, Suzanne Opton • East of Eden: Vietnam, Pipo Nguyen-duy • Elements of Attraction, Kerry Skarbakka  Menschel Gallery By the Way: Two Decades of America Observed 1973 – 1993, Jon Reis  Artists-in-Residence Sama Alshaibi and Dena Al-Adeeb • Ayana V. Jackson • Brian Ulrich • Lenard Smith • Christian Patterson • Gerard Gaskin • Susan Worsham • Keliy Anderson-Staley • Simon Rowe • Shen Wei • Zoe Strauss • Richard Barnes  Light Work Grant Yasser Aggour • Ron Jude • Lida Suchy  Urban Video Project Stornmi #2 (Starling-Flock #2), Ermanno de Biagi • The Bear, Althea Thauberger • All Is Vanity, Eros & Aphrodite, Adad Hannah • Code Names, Trevor Paglen • Final Tour, Trust, Jill Magid • four strategies, an idea, a text and two messages, Jaume Ferrete • Trance Dance, Everything Begins and Ends in Exactly the Right Time and Place, Miranda Lichtenstein • Several Interruptions, Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead • The Quintet of the Astonished, Bill Viola • Location One & Two, Eva Davidova • Untitled (Sketch for a Monument to J. G. Ballard) #3, Cliff Evans • It Takes Two to Tango, MacDonaldi — King of Soap Bubbles, Trine Lise Nedreaas Fine Print Program Doug DuBois • Stanley Greenberg • Suzanne Opton • Todd Gray  Master Print Edition Elijah Gowin  Book Collectors Program Elijah and Emmet Gowin, Maggie • Doug DuBois, . . . all the days and nights  Lectures “Downstream: Encounters with the Colorado River,” Karen Halverson • Stephen Chalmers • “Autograph ABP: The Missing Chapter,” Renee Mussai • Pipo Nguyen-duy • Jon Reis • Robert Bogdan • Laura Heyman • Richard Barnes • Bill Viola  Special Projects Light Work’s exhibition As It Happens: Recent Additions to the Light Work Collection travels to the Palitz Gallery at SU’s Lubin House in NYC. A special event features David Ross in discussion with Jeffrey Hoone • “Let’s Talk About Love” discussion group with Melissa Carman of SU’s Counseling Center as part of Rachel Herman exhibition • LW participates in Photo LA and Art Chicago: NEXT • NYFA holds the closing weekend for the MARK10 program at LW • Film screening of Precious through the Community Folk Art Center • During her residency, Keliy Anderson-Staley takes over a hundred tintypes of community members • LW collaborates with the Urban Video Project and the Everson Museum of Art to bring Bill Viola to Syracuse.


Light Work features a multi-gallery exhibition by Demetrius Oliver, showing work in the main gallery, Urban Video Project, and the Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery. Jenny Holzer creates For Syracuse, a site-specific installation that streams across the façade of the Urban Video Project’s LED curtain at the Syracuse Stage. The installation features 272 aphorisms from two of her celebrated series, Truisms and Survival. Adam Brown leaves the UVP to take a job in Boston and Anneka Herre is hired to replace him as technical producer. Light Work features the controversial video, Fire in My Belly, by David Wojnarowicz, and hosts a lecture by Jonathan Katz, who curated the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery from which Wojnarowicz’s work was removed after complaints from members of Congress about its content. Light Work increases its participation in art fairs around the country. Light Work hosts the combined Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regional conference for SPE with the theme Photographers + Publishing. Mary Goodwin leaves Light Work to pursue independent publishing projects. Shane Lavalette joins the staff as associate director. The Light Work subscription program goes online with the launch of the Digital Archive, offering both print and digital subscriptions to Contact Sheet.

Light Work Gallery Mare, Demetrius Oliver • That Year of Living, Jeffrey Henson Scales • [hyphen] Americans, Keliy Anderson-Staley • VisualBooks, Scott McCarney  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Fire in my Belly, David Wojnarowicz • Canary, Thilde Jensen • 2011 Transmedia Photography AnnualAnnual Student InvitationalPast / Perfect, Marna Bell • 2011 Light Work Grants, Neil Chowdhury, Danielle Mericle, Ahndraya Parlato • bobCollignon: Outdoorsman, Bob Collignon  Menschel Gallery Penumbra, Demetrius Oliver • En Foco / In Focus: Selected Works from the Permanent Collection  Artists-in-Residence Michael Tummings • Sherry Millner • Jen Davis • Cui Fei • Calla Thompson • Amy Elkins • Ohm Phanphiroj • Andrew Miksys • Shane Lavalette • Dana Popa  Light Work Grant Neil Chowdhury • Danielle Mericle • Ahndraya Parlato  Urban Video Project For Syracuse: Selections from Truisms and Survival, Jenny Holzer • Asylum, Smoke, Jeff Gibson • Perigee, Demetrius Oliver • The Dress Up Portrait Project, John Freyer • Raft of the Medusa, Dad and David Visiting, Adad Hannah (as part of the UVP Annual Summer Review) • On the Way to the Theatre, We Egged a Trans-am, Nathaniel Sullivan • Dying Oak / Elephant, Ballerina (Wild Raspberry Bush), Pae White • Always After (the Glass House), Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle  Fine Print Program Scott Conarroe • Yolanda del Amo • Deana Lawson  Master Print Edition Carrie Mae Weems  Book Collectors Program Carrie Mae Weems, Social Studies  Lectures ASMP Lecture: “The Fine Art of Digital Printing” with John Paul Caponigro and R Mac Holbert • Jonathan Katz, co-curator of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery exhibition Hide /  Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture • Julianne Kost, an internationally renowned expert on Adobe Photoshop • Amy Elkins and Cara Philips, founders of Women in Photography • Advanced Guide to Nikon Digital SLR Photography  Special Projects Light Work attends Photo LA, Scope NY, Art Chicago, San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Art Hamptons, and Scope Miami • Light Work hosts the combined Northeast and Mid-Atlantic conference for SPE, Photographers + Publishing • Light Work’s exhibition [hyphen] Americans featuring tintypes by Keliy Anderson Staley travels to the Lubin House • Light Work and Urban Video Project host the first collaborative residency with Shimon Attie.


The Light Work Gallery is renamed and dedicated as the Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery. An endowment to support exhibitions in the Gallery is established by her son, Jeffrey Hoone, Light Work’s executive director. Long-time friend and supporter Robert B. Menschel also makes a substantial donation to the Ellis Gallery Endowment Fund. Vernon Burnett retires after fourteen years as lab manager, and his going away party doubles as his wedding reception where he celebrates his marriage to Jane Henry. Andrew Baugnet joins the staff as lab manager and Julie Herman is hired as customer services assistant.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery looking & looking, Jen Davis and Amy Elkins • Pastoral, Alexander Gronsky • Bittersweet / Bloodwork, Susan Worsham • I Miss You Already, Shen Wei  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries Wounding the Black Male: Selections from the Light Work Collection • Alexander Gronsky • The Other New York: 2012Visual Military JournalismAnnual Student Invitational  Menschel Gallery Capturing Identity: Selections from the Light Work Collection2012 Transmedia Photography Annual  Artists-in-Residence Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira • Aspen Mays • Shimon Attie • Michael Bühler-Rose • Justyna Badach • Raymond Meeks • Claire Beckett • Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman • Heidi Kumao • Irina Rozovsky • John Chervinsky • Valerio Spada  Light Work Grant Dennis Krukowski • Tice Lerner • Sayler / Morris  Urban Video Project DELUGE, ANIMA, John Knecht • Flo / Flow, William Wegman • UVP Annual Summer Review • 401 Harrison Street, Karen Brummund (as part of TONY: 2012) • Wilderness Collider, ecoarttech (UVP Mobile) • Sightings, Shimon Attie  Fine Print Program Kelli Connell • Tony Gleaton • Susan Worsham  Master Print Edition William Wegman  Book Collectors Program Leon Borensztein, American Portraits • Suzanne Opton, Soldier / Many Wars • Christian Patterson, Redheaded Peckerwood  Lectures Shen Wei Special Projects Light Work attends Photo LA and Scope NY Art Fairs • UVP and Light Work collaborate to produce the first annual Urban Cinematheque Arts & Cultural Fair at UVP Everson.


Contact Sheet 172 celebrates Light Work’s fortieth anniversary. The anniversary year began with a series of changes including the departure of long-time staff members Jessica Reed, communications coordinator, and Hannah Frieser, director. Reed left to take the position of manager of digital and social media for Enrollment Management at SU, and Frieser to pursue independent curatorial projects in Europe and the United States, recently returning to the region as newly appointed director of the Center for Photography in Woodstock, NY. Andy Baugnet, photo lab manager, also departed after a brief tenure. Using these changes as an opportunity to strengthen our core goal of supporting artists, we promoted Shane Lavalette to director, Mary Lee Hodgens to associate director, and Julie Herman to customer services manager. After a national search, we also hired Walker Blackwell for the newly created position of digital services manager and David Oresick as photo lab manager. To complete the reorganization we filled two new part-time positions and hired J. P. Gardner as exhibitions coordinator and Sarah Sellman as communications coordinator. The stipend for each participant in the Artist-in-Residence program was increased to $5,000 on July 1, 2013. By the end of our anniversary year, we will have produced over 230 publications, and over 400 artists will have participated in our residency program.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery Kontinuum, Adam Magyar • Too Hard to Keep, Jason Lazarus • 40 Artists / 40 Years: Selections from the Light Work Collection Terrain, Jackie Nickerson  Hallway and Community Darkrooms Galleries 2013 Student Invitational Habitus, Joe Lingeman • Imperfect Memories, Marna Bell • 2013 Light Work Grants  Menschel Gallery 2013 Transmedia Photography Annual  Artists-in-Residence Brijesh Patel • Alexandra Demenkova • George Gittoes • John D. Freyer • Jason Eskenazi • Anouk Kruithof • Dani Leventhal • Karolina Karlic • Cecil McDonald, Jr. • Matt Eich • Jo Ann Walters • Ofer Wolberger • Eric Gottesman Light Work Grant Laura Heyman • Jared Landberg • Janice Levy  Urban Video Project Stainless, Adam Magyar • in Court (Basketball), Yvonne Buchanan • Psychic Geographies, Sayler / Morris for The Canary Project, Mariam Ghani, Basma Alsharif, Michael Robinson, and Jacqueline Goss • UVP Annual Summer Review • Platonic, Dani Leventhal • Still Raining, Still Dreaming, Phil Solomon  Fine Print Program Keliy Anderson-Staley • Shane Lavalette • Mark Steinmetz Master Print Edition Duane Michals Book Collectors Program John Gossage, The Code Lectures Adam Magyar • Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby • Susan Meiselas Special Projects Our anniversary exhibition, 40 Artists / 40 Years, opens at the Palitz Gallery at the SU Lubin House in March • Light Work receives a grant from CNY Arts to support a series of billboards throughout Syracuse, in conjunction with the opening of 40 Artists / 40 Years in the Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery • Light Work and UVP receive a grant from the Central New York Community Foundation to add a sound system to the UVP Everson site • Light Work attends PPAC Book Fair and VSW Pub Fair • Light Work assists SU Press in publishing the second edition of Rita Hammond’s book Images of a Girl, Images of a Woman with the support Lynn Moser and Howard Bernstein • Light Work works closely with Michael Dyer of Remake Design in Brooklyn to launch a new graphic identity, and a newly designed, expanded anniversary issue of Contact Sheet. Sean Hovendick celebrated his tenth year as Light Work’s web developer and assisted in redesigning our website from the ground up to better highlight our programs with larger images and artist slideshows.


Light Work alumni continue to receive national and international exhibitions, awards, fellowships, and accolades. The Community Darkrooms Gallery transitioned to a salon-style display space for artist critiques and pop-up events in Light Work Lab. Under Urban Video Project (UVP) Director Anneka Herre, UVP launched its first year-long curatorial program. “Celestial Navigation: a year into the afro-future” explores the work of established and emerging artists through an afro-futurist lens, featuring cross-programmed exhibitions and events with Light Work and the Community Folk Art Center (CFAC). The Urban Cinematheque blossomed this year, screening The Grand Budapest Hotel to over thirty Syracuse-based arts organizations and audiences of over 1,000.

Staff transitions and new hires continued throughout 2014. Lab Manager David Oresick left Light Work to become the Executive Director of Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA. Exhibitions Coordinator J.P. Gardner left to become the Director of the Kirkland Art Center in Clinton, New York. Joe Lingeman, Lab Assistant/Printmaker, left Syracuse to pursue his work as an artist and freelance photographer. Sarah Sellman, Communications Coordinator, left to promote her documentary, American Bear, on a national tour. Walker Blackwell was promoted to Lab Manager, Ana Thor was hired as the Exhibitions Coordinator, Jessica Posner was hired as the Communications Coordinator, and Amrita Stuetzle and Trevor Clement were hired as Lab Assistants/Printmakers. Neven Lochhead is the Graduate Assistant to Urban Video Project.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery Newspaper Rock, Aspen Mays • New Geographies, Michael Bühler- Rose • Revive, Alison Rossiter • Where Objects Fall Away, Raymond Meeks  Hallway Gallery and Light Work Lab Gallery 2014 Transmedia Photography Annual • Artist to Artist: Light Work’s Fine Print Program • 2014 Light Work Grants • Dawn Light, Wilson Cummer • Golden Dawn, Dan Wetmore • adjunct appendix, featuring the work of twenty-two Adjunct Faculty from the College of Visual and Performing Arts  Robert B. Menschel Gallery Legendary, Gerard H. Gaskin • Perspective: Selections from the Light Work Collection  Artists-in-Residence Kalpesh Lathigra • Daniel Shea • Robert Benjamin • Rory Mulligan • Jessica Labatte • Ben Huff • Kristine Potter • Keisha Scarville • Gregory Halpern • Wayne Lawrence • Rose Marie Cromwell • Keren Shavit • Mary Mattingly • Cauleen Smith  Light Work Grant Trevor Clement • Sebastian Collett • Dan Wetmore  Urban Video Project Cat Brushing Teeth and other works, Yui Kugimiya • I’ll Worship You, You’ll Worship Me, Michael Bühler-Rose • table, Ann Hamilton • UVP Annual Summer Review • American Bear, Sarah Sellman and Greg Gano •  Western Union: Small Boats (The Leopard), Isaac Julien • Shuffle and Shake, Sanford Biggers  Fine Print Program John Chervinsky • Lucas Foglia • Irina Rozovsky Master Print Edition James Welling  Book Collectors Program Peter Mitchell, Strangely Familiar  Special Projects Light Work attends VSW Pub Fair and the Silver Eye Photography Book Market • Light Work hosts Paddle8 Benefit Auction, curated by Andy Adams of Flak Photo • Light Work hosts a lecture and book signing on occasion of the release of LaToya Ruby Frazier’s book, The Notion of Family


Light Work received the highest grant in the country in the visual arts category from the National Endowment for the Arts to support our Artist-in-Residence program. We also received support for the first time from the Andy Warhol Foundation. This two-year grant will also support our Artist-in-Residence program. Our AIR program has long been a national model and these two important grants confirm that recognition and achievement. In collaboration with Autograph ABP in London and the SUArt Galleries at Syracuse University, Light Work organized a traveling exhibition of the work of photographer Rotimi Fani-Kayode. After exhibitions at Light Work and the Palitz Gallery at SU’s Lubin House in New York City, the SUArt Galleries organized an international tour of the exhibition by this highly influential but under-recognized photographer.

During another significant renovation of our Lab facility, we continued to develop a modern digital facility to meet the needs of artists. While creating more space for computers, printers, and scanners, we also held on to our last remaining black and white darkroom.

Walker Blackwell, our Lab Manager, left at the end of the year to take a management and research position at Cone Editions Press in Vermont. Walker returns to his home state to develop innovative printing processes and practices with his long-time friend and mentor, Jon Cone. Trevor Clement, a long-time Lab Assistant, digital printer, and jack-of-all-trades, was promoted to Lab Manager to carry on our practice of having artists run the Lab. Recent Hamilton College graduate and Light Work intern Sean D. Henry-Smith was hired as our new Communications Coordinator. Syracuse University graduate and long-time lab member Victor Rivera was hired as Exhibitions and Collection Manager.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery Accumulations, Xaviera Simmons • Sight Specific, Letha Wilson • Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955 – 1989) • After Edith, Gideon Barnett  Hallway Gallery 2015 Transmedia Photography Annual • Perspective: Selections from the Light Work Collection • 2015 Light Work Grants • Robert B. Menschel Gallery Legendary, Gerard H. Gaskin • Gary Metz: Quaking Aspen  Artists-in-Residence Tommy Kha • Miki Soejima • Letha Wilson • Mahtab Hussain • James Henkel • Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa • Pixy Yijun Liao • George Awde • Zanele Muholi • Dan Boardman • Saya Woolfalk • Samantha Box  Light Work Grant Allison Beondé • Thilde Jensen • Costa Sakellariou  Urban Video Project Number Sixteen, Xaviera Simmons • Black Bullets, Jeannette Ehlers • Crow Requiem, Cauleen Smith • UVP Annual Summer Review 2015: Celestial Navigation • Leviathan, Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel • Anathema, The Otolith Group  Fine Print Program Leslie Hewitt • Raymond Meeks • Christian Patterson Master Print Edition Ann Hamilton Book Collectors Program Nathan Lyons, Return Your Mind to Its Upright Position  Special Projects Light Work attends VSW Pub Fair, Silver Eye Photography Book Market, and New York Art Book Fair • Light Work completes significant renovation and redesign of lab facility, expanding space for digital production.


This year, we increased the stipend for each of three recipients of the Light Work Grants in Photography program to $3,000. Begun in 1975 to support Central New York artists, this is one of the longest-running photography fellowship programs anywhere. 2016 was also a good year for previous Light Work Artists. Takahiro Kaneyama, Susannah Sayler and Ed Morris, Pacifico Silano, Lida Suchy, Sylvia de Swaan, John Trotter, Linn Underhill, and Shen Wei received photography fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). Suchy received a Guggenheim fellowship as well. Three exhibitions featured work from our permanent collection: From Paris to Syracuse: Street Photography from the Collections of the Everson and Light Work, at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse; Unnatural Creatures: Selections from the Light Work Collection, curated by Syracuse University graduate Student and former Light Work intern Erin Carter; and Place: Selections from the Light Work Collection, curated by Victor Rivera and Kwadwo Kuzi, at the Menschel Gallery in the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University.  The Urban Video Project again achieved record attendance for its popular Urban Cinematheque program, which compliments ongoing exhibitions of video artists from around the world. Light Work noted staff changes as well. Trevor Clement moved on from his lab manager position to pursue a full-time art career; we welcomed Amrita Stuetzle as our new lab manager and Gabe Conte and Ian Sherlock Molloy as printmaker and lab assistant. We celebrated receiving over 900 applications to our Artist-in-Residence program. In the circle of life, we also mourned the passing of former Light Work Artists Charles Gatewood, Nathan Lyons, Doug Muir, and Dan Younger.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery Mass and Obstruction, Mary Mattingly • The Passenger’s Present, Miki Soejima • A Place That Looks Like Home, Todd Gray • One Wall a Web, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa  Hallway Gallery 2016 Transmedia Photography Annual • Site/Sight, Ben Altman • 2016 Light Work Grants • The Trouble With Flesh: New Work by MFA Candidates  Robert B. Menschel Gallery Unnatural Creatures: Selections from the Light Work Collection Place: Selections from the Light Work Collection Artists-in-Residence Marcia Michael • Richard Rothman • Christina Seely • Takahiro Kaneyama • Paul D’Amato • Suné  Woods • John Mann • Pacifico Siliano • Morgan Ashcom • Eyakem Gulilat • Regine Peterson • Mila Teshaieva  Light Work Grant Robert Knight • Lida Suchy • Marion Wilson  Urban Video Project Human and Object, Mary Mattingly • Between Species, Group Show • ChimaCloud, Saya Woolfalk • UVP Annual Summer Review 2016: We Were Never Human • Fireworks (Archives), Apichatpong Weerasethakul • Tide & Current Taxi, Marie Lorenz Fine Print Program Paul D’Amato • Gregory Halpern • Bill McDowell  Master Print Edition Zanele Muholi  Book Collectors Program Doug Dubois, My Last Day at Seventeen  Special Projects Light Work attends VSW Pub Fair


This year we made significant progress updating the website for the Light Work Collection of more than 4,000 objects, with the goal of improving the resolution of images and making our significant holdings even more accessible on the new platform. We announced a new partnership with publisher MACK to honor an artist with the Light Work Photobook Award. The inaugural recipient was photographer Mahtab Hussain, for his monograph You Get Me?. The Light Work Photobook Award will be given each year to an artistic project that deserves international attention. There are many awards and accolades of our artists to acknowledge this year. We applaud former Light Work and Urban Video Project artists Dawoud Bey, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and Trevor Paglen—all recipients of the MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Fellowship. Former Artist-in-Residence Zanele Muholi was awarded Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, the premiere arts and culture award in France. Light Work, Urban Video Project and Everson Museum collaborated on concurrent exhibitions of work by multimedia artist Suné Woods. To Sleep With Terra opening reception included collaborative performance with musician James Gordon-Parks and award-winning spoken word artist Fred Moten. Staff changes included the hiring of Syracuse University, Department of Transmedia alum Rachel Fein-Smolinski as Digital Services Manager, recent Alfred University graduate and Light Work Lab intern Becky Marris as Printmaker, Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts alum Cjala Surratt as Promotions Coordinator, and Peter Lee as the Graduate Assistant to Urban Video Project.

Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery The Gray Line, Kristine Potter • Scale Without Measure, George Awde • To Sleep With Terra, Suné Woods • Anonymous, John Edmonds Hallway Gallery 2017 Transmedia Photography Annual • If I Could See Your Face, I Would Not Need Food (Ka Fitfitu Feetu), Eric Gottesman • 2017 Light Work Grants Artists-in-Residence John Edmonds • Maja Tammi • Flurina Rothenberger • Hrvoje Slovenc • Jennifer Garza-Cuen • Matthew Connors • Sara Macel • Rodrigo Valenzuela • Nicola Lo Calzo • Jessica Segall • Andres Gonzales • Ingrid Pollard Light Work Grant Mary Helena Clark • Joe Librandi-Cowen • Stephanie Mercedes Urban Video Project Haunted Ethnography: new experimental documentary, Group Show • Xenoi, Deborah Stratmen • UVP Annual Summer Review 2017: Interzones • A Feeling Like Chaos, Suné Woods • Waterway, Special Exhibition Fine Print Program John Edmonds • Matt Eich • Lida Suchy Master Print Edition LaToya Ruby Frazier Book Collectors Program Mahtab Hussain, You Get Me? Lectures Gerard Gaskin, Nando Alvarez-Perez, PDN’s 30 Seminar: Strategies for Launching a Career in Today’s Market Special Projects Light Work attends VSW Pub Fair, Suné Woods Workshop: Processes in Translation • In Memoriam Mel Rosenthal, 1992 AIR


Light Work, Urban Video Project (UVP), and Photography and Literacy Project (PAL Project) were pleased to receive $300,000 in grants from the Joy of Giving Something, Inc. (JGS). Distributed over the next three years, the funds will support education initiatives, artist residencies, and exhibitions dedicated to the photographic arts.


Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery Land of Epic Battles, Justyna Badach • Rubberlands, Karolina Karlic • Be Strong and Do Not Betray Your Soul, For Freedoms • Alma, Keisha Scarville Hallway Gallery 2018 Transmedia Photography Annual • 2018 Newhouse Photography Annual Palitz Gallery at SU Lubin House New Voices: Recent Acquisitions from the Light Work Collection Artists-in-Residence Andrew Jackson • Guillaume Simoneau • Kate Ovaska • Judy Natal • Preston Gannaway • Atong Atem • Justine Kurland • Paul Mpagi Sepuya • Aaron Turner • Khalik Allah • Fumi Ishino • Vasantha Yogananthan Light Work Grants Nydia Blas • Michelle Gabel • Jerry Lim Urban Video Project Recent Works, Keren Shavit and Eva Marie Rodbro • new york, Ben Russell • UVP Annual Summer Review 2018: Community • Extended Forecast, Christopher Harris • Urban Renewal, Emanuel Almborg & Crystal Z. Campbell • In the Creeks, Frank Gillette • Ghost Jets, Lorna Mills • Culture Capture: Terminal Addition, The New Red Order Fine Print Program Jason Fulford • Yoshinori Mizutani • Xaviera Simmons Master Print Edition Ernesto Pujol Book Collectors Program Rose Marie Cromwell, El Libro Supremo de la Suerte Lectures Arthur Flowers • Sara Macel In Memoriam Laura Aguilar, 1992 AIR, Stephen Mahan, director of Photography and Literacy Project (PAL),

1976 New York State Fair image

Human Punctuation, New York State Fair, 1976
Charles Gatewood, Light Work’s first Artist-in-Residence (1976)

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