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Blake Fitch at Clamp Art

Blake Fitch photo of two adolescent girls
Former Light Work Artist in Residence (December 2006) and exhibiting artist (2008) Blake Fitch will open Expectations of Adolescence on March 19 at Clamp Art in New York City.

Expectations of Adolescence is a ten-year project documenting the lives of Fitch’s cousin and half-sister, as they’ve grown from adolescent girls into young women.

In Contact Sheet 146, Light Work Director Hannah Frieser said about Expectations of Adolescence:

While the photographs capture the intense friendship between the two girls, who are cousins, the images also suggest a high level of trust toward the photographer, who is Katie’s older sister. When the girls look up in the picture, they see someone very close to them, not the mechanics of the camera.

Clamp Art
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New York, NY 10001
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