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Light Work Annual 2012: Ohm Phanphiroj

Underage #4, 2010, Ohm Phanphiroj Ohm Phanphiroj’s recent photographic work focuses on underage prostitution in Bangkok, Southeast Asia’s “City of Angels.” His project Underage draws attention to an overlooked group in the discussion of prostitution in Thailand–local boys…Most of the boys confront the camera from the center of the frame in a stance of little-boy […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Sherry Millner

Through the simple and profound gesture of literally tearing up photos–snapshots of family vacations and daily life–Sherry Millner reveals hidden complexities of photography as, in her hands, the photographic image is cast free, no longer domesticated and fixed within a conventional habitus. Shards of images combined in a collage-like compositional matrix resonate in a different […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Calla Thompson

Untitled (sign 1), 2011, Calla Thompson …Calla Thompson has achieved something quite remarkable in her Asylum series. With the seemingly simple, yet decidedly deliberate, decision of creating her photomontages within the tondo format, she has managed to conflate these two major aspects of pictorial configuration. The desire to bridge contradictions is not only apparent in […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Jen Davis

Untitled No. 16, 2005, Jen Davis …Davis, over and over again, suspends time, makes the presence of the camera disappear, and leaves us with her variously charged observations of one individual momentarily alone with herself in the world. The mundane is here raised to the level of various small dramas. We are reminded in looking […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Dana Popa

The pictures have few clues, just shadows and light, and the unsettling quality of the color in the images. In the peeling concrete walls and the shabby materials, in the absence of anything that seems to belong to anyone, there is the silence of space that hides what happens there. The facts are not exactly […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Cui Fei

Tracing the Origin VIII, 2010, Cui Fei Much like breath itself, Cui Fei’s work rises and falls between two and three dimensions. Large wall-hung paper works recall ancient scrolls. Other work is sculptural in itself or its presentation–sheets of paper laid over low platforms or cascading down steps or written directly on the floor. Photographic […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Shane Lavalette

Will with Banjo, 2011, Shane Lavalette Shane Lavalette’s pictures are visually straightforward, obsessively clear, and devoted to the metaphysical idea that direct observation can be beamed through a lens to a viewer. They are quiet pictures that build to a boisterous whole. They speak from the endlessly renewed place of the photographic expeditioner who loves […]

Susan Worsham: Conversations with Margaret Daniel

Susan Worsham’s exhibition Bittersweet/Bloodwork features audio recordings of Worsham and her older neighbor Margaret Daniel’s conversations about plants, life, and death. All together, the photographs and accompaniments in Bittersweet/Bloodwork speak of the poetry of childhood, nature, discovery, love, and loss. “I can remember one particular time when I visited Margaret,” says Worsham. “I looked out of […]

Community Darkrooms Member Spotlight: Bob Burdick

Community Darkrooms Member Spotlight Bob Burdick has been a long-time Community Darkrooms member, with his first visit taking place in 1977 when co-founders Tom Brian and Phil Block were here to greet him. According to Bob, “The nice thing about this facility is that it is and always has been open to anyone.” He especially […]

Light Work Annual 2012: Andrew Miksys

Miksys builds his Byelorussian itinerary as a conceptual maneuver, following the ideological formulas of mass celebrations of Soviet history in expectation of finding memories of the present. He shows us the hollowness of history–the aftermath of the ersatz Soviet celebrations–and three generations of women. – Laimonas Briedis, author of Vilnius: City of Strangers Read the […]