A Closer Look: 2014 Benefactors Offer

4 Prints + 1 Book + Contact Sheet
2014 Benefactors Offer

The Benefactor Offer represents an excellent way to further your collection, while supporting Light Work’s mission. Contributors of $1,500 will receive James Welling‘s image from the Master Print Edition, all three prints in our Fine Print Program (John Chervinsky, Lucas Foglia, Irina Rozovsky), and a signed copy of Strangely Familiar by Peter Mitchell. In total, a $2,015 value! By participating in this category you will save on the cost of the prints and book, and receive a one-year subscription to Contact Sheet.

About the artists:

James Welling‘s work centers on an exploration of photography, shuffling the elemental components of the medium to produce distinctly uncompromising results. During his career, Welling has experimented with different photographic mediums, including Polaroids, silver gelatin prints, photograms, and digital prints, exploring the tensions of and between representation and abstraction.

John Chervinsky is a self-taught photographer. He is also an engineer working in the field of applied physics and spent eighteen years running a particle accelerator at Harvard University.

Lucas Foglia‘s photographs explore the relationships between people, economy, and wilderness in rural America.

Irina Rozovsky‘s project One to Nothing depicts an Israel we do not see on the news. Her images describe a place beyond politics; they do not defend a side or critique the conflict.

Despite being widely exhibited, collected, and written about since the 1970s, Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds – where he continues to live and work – have never before been published as a monograph. Strangely Familiar presents 47 color plates, beautifully printed, and the book opens with an introduction by photographer Martin Parr.

All proceeds from our Fine Print Program go directly to supporting artists working in photography.

Browse the new prints and books online at www.lightwork.org/shop

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