A great reminder

I met photographer Jamey Stillings recently in Los Angeles. At the end of our conversation about his Colorado River Bridge series, he gave me a really nice leave-behind: a 56-page custom published magazine featuring his project. For those who still believe in the value of a paper leave-behind beyond the business card, a magazine like this looks very professional but is not so expensive to produce that people have to pry it out of your hands.

MagCloud works pretty simply: After registering, you upload your designed page files as pdfs, they make a full-size proof FOR FREE, and then you can publish as many editions of your magazine as you want at about 20 cents a page. You can put your magazine into their store where others can buy it on demand, too. I talked later with Jamey about his experience with MagCloud, and their service sounded impressive. They worked closely with him through several rounds of proofs to get the values of his night images just right.

Although we look at a lot of work online these days, a well produced magazine can serve as a lasting reminder of your project.

—Mary Goodwin

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