A Month of Productivity

Collaborative artists Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman made great use of the artist apartment bulletin board and desks for fleshing out ideas during their July 2012 residency here at Light Work.

About their residency month, Nate had to say:

We loved our time at Light Work – for us, it was an incubator immerse ourselves in new ideas as a collaborative team. We spent our time building a studio in the artist apartment and then researching, reading, debating, discussing, proofing, editing, analyzing, and beginning new projects. We also developed new materials and goals towards our professional development. Our gratitude to the whole Light Work team for making it such a wonderful experience!

And Marni writes:

I spent the first two days at Light Work going through all my files and folders labeled “To Be Read.” While Nate and I were editing our Geolocation images, we also were working on new ideas. The time to think, brainstorm and read was invaluable to our work.

Find more information about Light Work’s Artist-in-Residence Program here.

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