Announcement Day is upon us

Up until today, it’s all been speculation. Finally, we will get our first peek at Apple’s newest device, find out what it’s actually called, and hopefully get a real sense of what it will mean for the future of media delivery. For photographers, this could mean a whole new market for their work, plus a way better way to show people their images on the fly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. For now, enjoy the last moments of day-dreaming and check out this great list of sites and twitter feeds that will be following the event live from San Francisco 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.

Update: Well, maybe they could have worked on the name a little more? But the iPad is a fine looking machine. Only time will truly tell what impact it will have for photographers, but even in its first day, the iPad has breathed new hope into publishing. We’ll keep you posted as details continue to unravel, and of course, if we manage to get our hands on one.

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