Help us rename our blog, win a copy of Maggie

We’ve been rolling fine with the name Light Work Blog, and it certainly doesn’t beat around the bush in terms of clarity! But we’re searching for something a little more creative, and we’re asking our readers to help us out.

The person who submits the winning idea wins a signed copy of the beautiful book Maggie by Emmet and Elijah Gowin for their trouble.

Post your suggestions in the comments or email me directly at —Mary Goodwin

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  1. bill purvis says:

    Some suggestions for your renamed blog – ‘Define Light’ Gallery / ‘Define Light’ Blog – my suggestion is a play on ‘Divine Light’ if that wasnt immediately obvious. Nothing purer than ‘Divine Light’ perhaps thats another option. It would express/convey the optimism with which practitioners work and play with light and the ideals of creating the ‘perfect image’. Another suggestion ‘Light Play’ Blog instead of ‘Work’.
    Perhaps ‘Photo Play’ Blog.

  2. bill purvis says:

    ‘Light form’ [Lf]

    replace light ray prism refracted light symbolism with light wave motion box form at end representing light capture on CCD or print (the sperm flow egg concept) birth of an idea generation of an image.

    ‘Light design’ [Ld}

    ‘Light capture’ [Lc]

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