Lucas Foglia moves "Way Off the Grid"

Photographs by Lucas Foglia (AIR 2007) are featured in the article “Way Off the Grid” (Utne Reader, March/April 2009) with an article by Joseph Hart. Lucas has made waves with his photographs of communities that live away from the common comforts of urban life. These communities practice a sustainable lifestyle without the benefit of electricity. They grow their own food and build their own houses.  “I don’t want to make the lifestyle seem easy. But I do want to make it seem accessible.” Lucas is quoted in the article. “At exhibits, people respond with a real desire or nostalgia for wilderness.”

During his residency at Light Work, Lucas edited a number of the images that are featured in the article. Photographs from the series Re-Wilding are featured in the Light Work Annual (CS147) with an article by Ariel Shanberg. Additional images are available for viewing in the Light Work Collection.

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