Nov. 5 Live Stream of Photo 2.0 and John Gossage

We will be live streaming two fantastic talks from the SPE Regional Conference, both of which will be available to watch here on Saturday, November 5th.

UPDATE: Thanks to those who watched the live stream here. The player has now been removed, but video of each of these talks will be posted on the blog soon!

4:30 – 5:45pm EST
Photo 2.0 — Online Photographic Thinking
Panel discussion with Andy Adams (moderator)
Molly Landreth, Amy Stein and Philip Toledano

7:30 – 8:30pm EST
Featured Speaker John Gossage


In addition to the blog, tune into Light Work’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates throughout the conference.

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  1. Dustin Angell says:

    I’m glad I checked the Light Work email today. Watching this streaming on-line right now is great. As each speaker gives their presentation I am checking out their blog/website and explore their work as they speak. Please keep this kind of thing coming.

    • hannah says:

      Your problem might have been a local issue or it is possible that too many people were watching at the same time. We hope to post the lecture within the next days. We’ll be sending emails out as soon as the lectures and other audio recordings have been posted. Keep an eye on our blog. We will post details soon.

  2. Eliot Dudik says:

    Thank you very much for streaming these two talks! It is amazing that I could attend the SE conference, but also catch some of the NE’s fantastic conference this year as well. Andy’s panel talk was exceptional. Will these talks also be available for future viewing or sharing with classes?

    • hannah says:

      Stay tuned to our blog. We will provide links to the John Gossage lecture and Andy Adams panel discussion soon. We also have audio recordings of some of the other lectures.

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