Three Light Work connected artists at Carrie Haddad

Robert Flynt and Warren Neidich, former artists in residence at Light Work, and Gary Schneider, with whom Light Work published Genetic Self-Portrait, are exhibiting at Carrie Haddad Gallery July 16, 2009 through August 30, 2009. The exhibit, “Afterglow: Four Photographers & the Hand-Held Light,” also includes the work of David Lebe.

Melissa Stafford, curator, says about this exhibit:

The work of these photographers is vital and never still. Their images register something of what human life is and of what human life might be; present fully in every instant of time. The gleaming tracery evokes a gradual recognition of nose, mouth, chin, and neck coalescing into a recognizable form like “man”, or even an individual, like “Christopher”, but this body transcends those familiar, literal forms. Alfred Stieglitz, a hundred years ago, believed that personality could not be expressed by a face alone. The work in this exhibit agrees; it attempts to further sensitize photography – extending the medium to take in more and more of life’s fleeting glow.

The exhibit opens Saturday July 18 with a reception from 6 to 8 pm.

Carrie Haddad Gallery
318 Warren Street
Hudson, NY. 12534

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