Two days with the experts at Light Work

Last Thursday and Friday, Light Work hosted a widely anticipated Professional Practices seminar with photographic consultant Mary Virginia Swanson and internationally recognized artist Susan kae Grant. The Thursday night lecture featured two parts. First, Swanson delivered (in her well-known rapid fire style) a taste of the latest and best ideas in getting work out into the market and in front of the right eyes. Then Grant and Swanson spoke about the many phases of Grant’s project Night Journey. Rarely do viewers get such a detailed look at an artist’s process, and it is especially rare to hear the whole story of such a complex project as Night Journey, which Grant has been developing over the past decade. Together Swanson and Grant flooded the room with 1,000 ideas for making and marketing photography creatively.
On Friday morning, Swanson and Grant met with Syracuse University students starting with a lecture geared to making the most of a photographic education. Following, Swanson and Grant held portfolio reviews. It was the students’ chance to show the experts how well they had listened to their advice on making the most of a 20-minute portfolio review.

Above, right: Susan kae Grant, installation view of Night Journey
Left: Mary Virginia Swanson meets with Syracuse University graduate student Shimpei Shirafuji

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