A Closer Look: Book Collectors Offer

John Gossage

The Code (Harper’s Books, 2012)

Signed book, limited edition of 1,000

144 pages, hardbound, 11.25 x 9″

120 four-color reproductions

Take advantage of the Book Collectors Offer and receive a signed book plus a subscription to Contact Sheet for only $75!

“A collection of color photographs shot in and around Tokyo. While Gossage’s trademark celebration of the banal is certainly on display here, the photographer charts new territory with shots of Tokyo street scenes, skyscapes and tissue boxes.”

– From the publisher

By any measure John Gossage is a non-conformist. He was thrown out of high school at sixteen, yet taught college at the graduate school level for close to twenty years. He was never formally trained as a graphic designer, yet has designed twelve of his own photography books, as well as numerous books for other artists. He grew up in a household where there was no art, no music, and no books, yet has amassed a personal library of thousands of photography books, curated dozens of photography exhibitions, and served as a consultant to art collectors and foundations around the world.

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