Demetrius Oliver on the High Line

Former Light Work Artist-in-Residence Demetrius Oliver watched yesterday as his piece Jupiter was installed on a 25-by-75-foot billboard on the High Line at West 18th Street. The following image gives some sense of the scale of the piece as well as the material it was printed on. Click the images to enlarge them.

On watching the piece go up Oliver commented, “It was strange watching them [the installers] working with the vinyl. With prints, we are taught to have a certain amount preciousness. They were literally walking onto top of it, but it’s okay because the vinyl is a very durable surface.”

Artist Blanche Bruce and several local student music groups will add a musical component to the work when they perform John Coltrane’s Jupiter September 11, 18, 21, and October 2, 2010. Oliver’s installation will remain on view until October 6.

Click here for more information about Jupiter and events surrounding its installation.

Light Work will host an exhibition of Oliver’s work in January 2011.

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