From the Juror, Amber Terranova

More than 50 Syracuse University students entered the Light Work Student Invitational this year. Photo District News photo editor Amber Terranova served as our juror to select a Best of Show winner, Genevieve Marshall, and Honorable Mention award recipients Andrew Hida and Renée Stevens. An exhibition featuring the work of all those who entered is currently on view on the Light Work flat screen. Congratulations to the winners, and our thanks to all participants and our juror.

Juror’s statement by Amber Terranova

A number of themes recurred in the Light Work Student Invitational, including identity, love, loneliness, and the beauty of nature. I was particularly struck by the connection between photographer and subject in much of the work. Images of family dynamics, couples, moments between young lovers and friends, celebration, objects, religion, nature, empty urban and interior spaces all seem to permeate the open invitational this year. In this particular invitational the individual images had to make an immediate impression since the call wasn’t for series. While editing the selections I began to take notice of imagery that revealed the photographers’ unique perspective or an intention. Technically proficient images reflecting a strong concept or aesthetic stood out.

Many of the students’ images appealed to me and felt fresh. But I was drawn to Genevieve Marshall’s portrait (above), the recipient of the 2011 Best of Show Award. Her image offers room for a viewer’s interpretation. The gentle light, muted colors, gesture, and subtle eye contact suggest a certain curiosity about her subject. This image also emphasizes the importance of timing. To capture spontaneous moments requires being observant and quick. Here, Marshall’s choice of focus and perspective create both intimacy and distance. It’s a moment that raises questions or hints at something to come.

Amber Terranova is the photo editor for Photo District News. She worked previously for New York magazine and Outside. Amber has reviewed portfolios for the New York Photo Festival, the International Center of Photography, Review LA, Review Santa Fe, Photo NOLA, the Boulder Magazine Conference, Aurora photography, APA, and has been a guest lecturer at ICP, SVA, MICA (Baltimore) and Dawson College in Montreal.  She has judged national photo contests, serving in 2009 as one of three jurors for Review Santa Fe and in 2010 as a judge for the International Photography Awards. She also judged The Center for Fine Art Photography’s Red competition and an issue of F-Stop magazine.

Students Participating in the 2011 Student Invitational Exhibition:

Daniel Aguilera, Sarah Anthony, Martin Biando, Danielle Carrick, Caitlin Caspersen, Luis Chimbo, Kathryn Connelly, Maureen Coyle, Ciara Crocker, Rose Cromwell, Brian Dawson, Joshua L. DeMotts, Emily Edwards, Jillian Ellis, Julia Ferrier, Amy Francisco, Andrew Frost, Anthony Garito, Andrew Hida, Mark Hoelscher, Myron Holmes, Robert Hopkins, Max Jackson, Lauren Jones, Varun Joshi, Jenna Ketchmark, John Liau, Joe Lingeman, Robert Loughlin, Annie Louton, Allie Marino, Genevieve Marshall, Varvara Mikushkina, Bob Miller, Emma Morgan Meade, Hannah Nast, John O’Toole, Arundhati Patel, Carly Piersol, Elizabeth Reyes, Jessica Scarfo, Meghan Schaetzle, Masha Snitkovsky, Renée Stevens, Leah Stiles, Alyssa Stone, Bridget Streeter, Chris Trigaux, David Trotman-Wilkins, Jennifer Turner, Tracey Wishik, and Elif Yoney.

Images: Top, Genevieve Marshall, recipient of the 2011 Best of Show Award; middle, Andrew Hida, recipient of the 2011 Honorable Mention Award; bottom, Renée Stevens, recipient of the 2011 Honorable Mention Award.

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