Light Work Lab Resumes Printing and Scanning Services for Photographers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Light Work Lab closed to the public in early March and then went on to move classes, workshops, and one-on-one training sessions entirely online. During the closure, Lab staff and our members worked remotely to imagine fresh ways to stay engaged and offer support to our photography community. 

After months of limiting our service activity, we are very excited that Light Work Lab can again offer our full line of services to artists. This includes printing, scanning, and retouching. Visit for a complete list of service rates and stock papers.

The steady hum of printers and scanners are cause for celebration! Light Work’s global community of photographers will again have access to exceptional museum quality archival printing services and the support of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. As added incentives during this difficult time and until further notice, we are extending all Lab memberships that were valid when we closed our doors, as well as offering FREE service memberships for new and returning clients. Our prices are already among the lowest in the industry, but we want to keep our services as accessible as possible to make it even easier for you to work with us from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent opportunity to begin or return to projects that may have stalled due to the pandemic. 

The Lab team has worked diligently to institute cleaning routines for the facility. All safety protocols are in place, including protective partitions, social distancing signage, hand sanitizer stations, and free distribution of masks to staff. Even while masked and six feet apart, the team is happy to get back to producing creative projects with artists from afar. “We have spent the last month preparing and recalibrating, testing out new materials, and implementing social distancing rules to make our space safer to use for our own staff,” said Light Work lab manager Dan Boardman. “We are ready for your printing, scanning, and retouching inquiries. It is very rewarding for us to work with artists from all around the world, and we are looking forward to helping you with your next project.”

Does this mean we are open to the public and visitors can come into the facility for DIY printing and scanning? Unfortunately, no. Though the number of new cases across Syracuse and New York State are low, we are proceeding cautiously regarding a physical re-opening of the Lab and exhibition spaces to the public, and we must wait for clearances from New York State and Syracuse University in order to do so. Following the best practices of arts institutions nationwide, Light Work will institute clear safety guidelines when we do re-open in the future, and we will be sure to keep you posted on developments as we have news to share regarding those next steps. 

We appreciate your generosity and support during this time! We look forward to the company of lab members, students, and gallery patrons down the road. Until then, we encourage you to engage with Light Work’s programs through our social media platforms, online educational opportunitiespermanent Collection website, Contact Sheet subscription program, and episodes of the Light Work Podcast