Thilde Jensen speaks about art and illness

Thilde Jensen talks about her series Canaries in this great interview with Syracuse University Goldring student Lily Betjeman. An exhibition of Canaries, which depicts people living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, is currently on view at Light Work until May 27.

Canaries from Light Work on Vimeo.

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  1. Herman I Neuman says:

    Dear Thilde,

    Because of my personal experiences I have great empathy for your predicament. I also admire your talents and fighting spirit.

    I have become obsessed to enlighten the public, and including the people I know, about the dangers of toxins and how avoid them, etc.

    Would you allow me to add the photo of you taking a shower and a link to your pages to my web site? Or we could link both ways?

    I hope that you are well along on your way to recovery from MCS. I have mostly recovered from my long descent into that kind of man-made hell.


  2. David Fenton says:

    A superb photo-essay on a malady that needs to be better known. I am so glad that Thilde is in recovery and can continue the work. We are overdue for an update and extension of Rhonda Zwillinger’s book, “The Dispossessed: Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities”.

    I’m the webmaster for a site on MCS, The Chemical Edge, written by author/activist Varda Burstyn, who, like Thilde, was struck down in mid-career by this affliction. I can only imagine what a collaboration between Thilde and Varda would yield.

    David Fenton

    David S. Fenton
    B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Ed.

    Web Content Creation
    Technical Communications & Training
    Science * Technology * Environment

  3. Andrew says:

    I am dying… from industrial pollution in my town, from chemicals the farmers use in surrounding fields, from detergents in my neighbors washers and dryers, from deodorants and air fresheners permeating every inch of public space. We are dying… sensitive people, fragile animals, delicate plants… millions upon millions lives intertwined with intense, ever deepening suffering on one way to nowhere… The burning in bronchioles, constant nausea, crippling fatigue, waves of confusion and gaping holes in memory against… ignorance of doctors, blames of relatives, indifference of others… When you release factory’s’ chemicals into rivers and oceans, do you know what fishes feel? I do.

  4. Patti Capaldi says:

    I am an artist dealing with MCS for many years, almost 25 after long heavy exposure to printmaking and photo chemicals, which I believe started my plight.
    I am living in Brooklyn and would love to have contact with Thilde if at all possible
    to ask her more about the neural retraining program she did which helped.

    I am touched this made the news, although I did feel like some of the photos were so extreme and the public in general will feel as though its bogus. Also should have been mentioned that there are many Clinical Ecologist, doctors working in this field, and the FAIM organization, as well as William Rea’s clinic in Texas, and Dorothy Rap in Arizona, etc.

    Would love to be in touch, and thank you.

  5. Jean says:

    Dear Thilde,

    Thank you for your publication. I had to withdraw from medical school because of MCS (and formaldehyde exposure). Doctors and family made me feel like I was crazy and there was nothing serious, despite multiple hospitalizations for allergic reactions. I have come a long way in healing myself. Thank you for bringing light to this terrible illness that we have to struggle alone with.
    If you ever want to collaborate, feel free to contact me.

  6. Susan Clark says:

    I, too, developed MCS in the neuroscience field which I had to give up along with normal living.

    Can Thilde Jensen please share with us where she received her neural retraining programming. We are desperate for an intervention.

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