Profile: Spring 2014 Workshop with Willson Cummer

Today we talk with Willson Cummer who teaches Light Work Lab‘s intermediate/advanced level photo class which focuses on long term projects and the creation of a series photographed over many years.

Willson Cummer is a fine-art photographer and teacher who lives near Syracuse, NY. He has exhibited nationally in juried shows. Willson had his first solo NYC show in December 2011 at OK Harris.

LWL: Why did you want to start a class for working on long term projects?

I wanted to create a long-term projects class because that’s the way I enjoy working — developing a project over a year or more and seeing it grow as a result. I enjoy sharing projects with other photographers and learning from them.

LWL: Who should take your class?

Any photographers who are intrigued by the idea of developing a project should feel welcome to take the class. Any kind of camera can be used to create a project, and beginners are welcome.

LWL: Tell us about your personal work.

In my personal work I explore the intersection of the natural world and the built environment. That interest has led me to create projects about parking garage rooftops, overpasses and local parks. My work is online at

Working on Projects
April 24 – May 15, 2014 / Thursdays, 6-9pm
Instructor: Willson Cummer
Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced

Register for Willson’s classes at