Light Work Partners with Artspace

Light Work is pleased to announce a new partnership with Artspace in the sale of limited-edition prints. A selection of works are currently available through both sites with options for framing.

Check out the prints on Artspace, and of course the Light Work Shop.

We’ve Partnered with Centscere for Simple Giving

Light Work is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Centscere for social-media based micro-giving.

Recently featured on The Huffington Post, Philanthropy Daily and Social Media Today, Centscere is a social media donation platform created to make charitable giving simple, affordable and routine.

Centscere offers the chance to attach meaning to every social media action, and turn those actions into a charitable moment for non-profits like Light Work.

Sync your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and attach monetary value to the actions you execute every day, like posting, retweeting or liking content. These actions become donations that go to directly to Light Work.

“We have people currently giving as little as $0.02 and as much as $1 per interaction,” says Ian Dickerson, Co-Founder. There are three separate actions that can be set to trigger a donation on your part: a Facebook post (including commenting, uploading a status and sharing a link), “liking” a post on Facebook, and tweeting or retweeting content on Twitter. Once the cumulative value of a user’s interactions reaches $7.99, a donation is made to his or her selected charity.

You can sign up and learn more here!