Amy Elkins

June 2011

Amy Elkins came to Light Work to edit work for her ongoing series Black is the Day, Black is the Night. This series was started as she was searching for a possibly incarcerated family member. She became aware of pen pal websites for people serving life and deathrow sentences in the US. After corresponding with a number of them, she created a project that she describes as exploring “identity using concepts of time, accumulation, memory and distance.” She is currently working on a book layout of her layered stories that blend the fictional with reality.During her time at Light Work she also edited and printed work from her series Elegant Violence, portraying rugby players, masculine identity, and athleticism.

Elkins has been featured in solo exhibitions at Yancey Richardson Gallery Project Space in New York, NY, and the Pingvao International Photo Festival in China. Her many group exhibitions include shows in the USA, Canada, China, Korea, Austria, and more. Elkins recently moved to Portland, OR.