Barry Anderson

October / November 2006

Video artist Barry Anderson wasted no time to start shooting new video footage for his next project as soon as he arrived in Syracuse. Most of his work has been video and audio installations, but more recently, he also incorporates still photography with moving images. These are the projects he pursued while at Light Work. Barry’s work addresses our cultural need to escape the onslaught of media input through isolated fantasy worlds. By slowing or re-interpreting space and time, he strives to identify the existence of introspective spaces within the everyday, proposing that we don’t need to retreat, but to re-envision, re-think what is already around us.

Barry Anderson was born in Greenville, TX. He holds an MFA from Indiana University. His work has been shown throughout the country, as well as in Thailand, South America, Cuba and the UK. Recent exhibitions venues include the Schopf Gallery on Lake in Chicago, Gallery 210 at the University of Missouri­St.Louis, Hotcakes Gallery in Milwaukee, and the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Toronto. He lives in Kansas City.