Chad States

June 2009

Chad States turned to Craig’s List and other online forums to find subjects for his series about masculinity. His images indicate that cultural differences, societal expectations, and personal histories produce myriad complex answers to the question, “Are you masculine?” Photographing his subjects in their homes and other domestic spaces, each image weaves together environmental portraiture with psychological topography. During his time at Light Work, States plans to turn his attention to shooting, editing, and printing images from another body of work, entitled Cruising, that investigates the performance of sexuality in the landscape of public cruising spots.

States currently lives and works from Philadelphia, PA. He holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art and a BA from Evergreen State College. His work has been exhibited at venues including Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA; Chashama Time Square Gallery, New York City; Daniel Cooney Fine Art Online Auction; FLUXSPACE, Philadelphia, PA; Torpedo Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE; and Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York City.