David O. Alekhuogie

August 2020

David O. Alekhuogie centers his multi-disciplinary practice in photography to investigate memory, technology, media, and power. He began making photographs while working for various music publications, such as Complex, The Fader, and The Source. He has also photographed production materials for record labels such as Warp and Stones Throw. Alekhuogie attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and minored in ethnomusicology, before he moved to art-making. He holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2013) and an MFA in photography from Yale University (2015). In addition to teaching and curating, he has had solo exhibitions at the Chicago Artist Coalition (2016), Company Gallery (New York, 2019), Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (2019), and Skibum MacArthur (Los Angeles, 2017). Alekhougie has participated in group shows at Edward Cella Art and Architecture (Los Angeles, 2019), Fraenkel Gallery (San Francisco, 2015), The High Museum (Atlanta, 2017), and Regen Projects (Los Angeles, 2015). 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Light Work has supported David Alekhougie via a remote residency from his home in Los Angeles, CA during the month of August 2020.