Dylan Hausthor

June 2023

Dylan Hausthor is an artist living between islands in Massachusetts and Maine. They hold a BFA from Maine College of Art, and an MFA from Yale University. Hausthor is interested in how storytelling can act as a tool to understand the raw, multifaceted experience of human life. 

Hausthor’s work has appeared in publications including the Aperture Foundation, British Journal of Photography, Gomma, LensCulture, Photo District News, PHMuseum, Vice, Vogue, and World Press Photo, and is a part of the permanent collection at MoMA’s Library. While working as a farmer and educator, they also founded the publication, Wilt Press, in 2015. 

Dylan Hausthor’s series, What The Rain Might Bring, is an interdisciplinary project that incorporates ideas of storytelling, faith, folklore, and the inherent queerness of the natural world. They use this project to discuss class structure, ruralism, the ghosts who haunt landscapes, and disentangling colonial narratives.

Inspired by complexities of wildlife, relationships to land, tales of a small town environment, and the unpredictability of human nature, Hausthor explores the instability of storytelling, and enables characters and landscapes to act as gossips in their own right.