Eileen Perrier

August 2009

“My work has drawn upon the long tradition of African portraiture since my first visit to Ghana in 1996. My objective was to communicate a less preconceived impression of what it is to be a person of African descent. Colour photography was my gateway into showing a vibrancy and realness not readily found in the media’s reportage, black and white imagery at this time.

I was born and raised in London but come from a mixed cultural background of Ghanaian and Dominican descent, and this has presented me with questions about, placement, cultural identity and diversity.”

— Artist’s Statement, July 2009

Eileen Perrier is a graduate of The Royal College of Art. Her work has been exhibited at institutions such as The Photographers Gallery, Tate Britain, and The Whitechapel Gallery. Perrier’s images were part of the exhibition Africa Remix, which included stops at the Hayward Gallery and The Centre Pompidou.

While in Syracuse, Perrier is exploring the unique cultural and historical landscape here, including sites that were former stops on the Underground Railroad. Her residency is held in collaboration with Autograph ABP.