Elwira Jaglowska

July 2007

London-based Polish photographer and installation artist Elwira Jaglowska centers her work on everyday subjects, whether people or places. Using powerful implications provided in the mundane to comment on societal past and changes in a variety of cultures, Jaglowska notes her interest in highlighting that which is often “hard to articulate … difficult to understand due to varied cultural, ideological and economical backgrounds.” Her work styles include straight documentary and collage, using the latter to “create powerful hidden connections that draw viewers’ curiosity to find out more about [her] subject.”

Jaglowska received a BA with honors in Photography from London College of Communication, University of The Arts London in 2006 and comes to Light Work through our exchange program with Autograph ABP in London. During her month-long residency here, Jaglowska is busing making new work on location and in her studio at Syracuse University. We anxiously await the results of her efforts—to find how she will use the intriguing props our staff and board gladly rummaged to find for her work, among them: a straw hat, one human skeleton, and a full-size tree. Jaglowska presently lives and works in London.