George Gittoes

March 2013

George Gittoes is one of Australia’s foremost figurative painters, filmmakers, and photographers. He has won a number of prestigious awards, and has been invited to represent Australia in major international exhibitions. For the last decades Gittoes has been working in areas which are usually the reserve of journalists. His work catches the complexity of individual circumstance, of human frailty, empowerment and survival, against a backdrop of world issues. They are images about both “the moment” and “the big picture.”

Gittoes gives us a powerful, close up response to conflicts best known to us from the nightly news – famine and peacekeeping in Somalia, de mining after civil wars in Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, the elections in South Africa which brought Mandela to power, eruptions to the peace process in the Middle East, and the Kibeho massacre in Rwanda, from which the work he is developing at Light Work extends from.

Taking a global approach to his work as an artist, Gittoes works from many locations throughout the world, and bases himself in studios in Sydney and New York. He presents his work in multi media exhibitions which include photography, drawings, paintings, and video installations.