Kyoko Hamaguchi

September 2023

Hamaguchi is a Japanese artist from Tokyo who lives and works in New York City. She began her art practice with oil painting, becoming fascinated by the accumulation of time as each layer of paint dried. She graduated in 2015 from Tokyo University of the Arts, where she became technically adept in analog photography and was drawn to darkroom processes. Although this was the first time she worked with analog photography, she found it to be a natural continuation of what she was doing in her painting because while exposing a photograph, marks accumulate as a function of time. Hamaguchi also became interested in photography as a tool to reveal what we cannot see instead of reproducing what is already visible, leading to a body of experimental photography work for more than ten years. In 2016, she received a scholarship from the Japanese government to travel to New York City for five months, became connected to the city and decided to pursue her art practice there. Hamaguchi holds an MFA from Hunter College in New York (2020) and a BFA from Tokyo University of the Arts (2015). Among prizes she has received for her work are the Ataka Award (2013), the Geidai Art Plaza Award (2015), Heisei Art Award (2015), and the Ikuo Hirayama Award (2014). She has exhibited in numerous group shows in New York City and Japan, including Christie’s (New York City), Dinner Gallery (New York City), Museum of Modern Art (Gunma, Japan), Off Paradise (New York City), SPRING/BREAK Art Show (New York City, 2018, 2019, 2020), Tiger Strikes Asteroid (New York City), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and WhiteBox (New York City). Solo exhibitions include ATM Gallery (New York City), KOKI ARTS (Tokyo),and F2T Gallery (Milan).