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Morgan Ashcom

August 2016

Morgan Ashcom is an artist and educator living in New York. Although he lives in a major metropolitan area his work is influenced by the Virginia landscape around the farm where he grew up. His first photobook, Leviathan, emerged from his experience at a remote community in southeast Ohio. While the photographs were made in the rolling hills of Appalachia, Morgan followed themes of escape and confrontation on the sea suggesting a narrative where these worlds have converged. Since the completion of Leviathan, Morgan has been photographing an ongoing project titled What the Living Carry. Through a fictional and subjective photographic account, Morgan draws on the motif of the forest as a canvas for collective subconscious projections rooted in the literature and archetypes of rural America. Morgan Ashcom is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Cornell University and an Assistant Professor at Ithaca College where he teaches courses on Photography and Literature and The Photographic Book.

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