As part of the group show, Psychic Geograhies, Urban Video Project is pleased to present Gouwane by artists Sayler & Morris.

About the Work
Total Run Time: 14:30

A speculative ethology and ethnography of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. Our narrator takes us on a tour of the post-industrial canal via canoe, showcasing the accretions of cultural detritus, a motley crew of urban wildlife, both human and non-human, and improbable plans for redevelopment which have transformed this forgotten space into a material unconscious of the city.

Evan Paschke, editor

About the Artists
Since 2006, Susannah Sayler and Ed Morris have been artistic collaborators and co-founders of The Canary Project. Their current body of work, A History of the Future, Sayler photographed landscapes throughout the world where scientists are studying the impacts of climate change. In 2006, Sayler and her collaborator Edward Morris co-founded The Canary Project, which has produced projects involving more than 30 artists, scientists, writers, designers, and educators – all efforts to deepen public understanding of climate change.

Their most recent body of work, A History of the Future, has been exhibited widely in group and solo shows at Exit Art (NYC), Denver Museum of Contemporary Art – Creative Acts that Matter Program (Denver), Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, NY), ARTECH (Spain), Wave Hill (NYC), Harvard Graduate School of Design (Cambridge, MA), Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Human Resources (L.A.) and The Nevada Museum of Art (Reno), among others.
Sayler and Morris currently teach in the Syracuse University Dept. of Transmedia.

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