Ajamu X

March 2023

Ajamu X is an acclaimed fine art studio-based / darkroom-led photographic artist and archive curator. His work, theoretical provocations, and aesthetics unapologetically celebrate black queer bodies, the erotic, sex, desire, and the politics of pleasure. His black and white images also pose the imagination, fiction, and play in opposition to the constant framing of our black queer bodies and nuanced lived experiences within a sociological framework. His work has been shown in many prestigious museums, galleries, and alternative spaces worldwide and published in various publications and critical journals. In 2022 Ajamu was canonized by The Trans Pennine Traveling Sisters as the Patron Saint of Darkrooms in his hometown Huddersfield and received an honorary fellowship from the Royal photographic society.


This residency is co-sponsored by Autograph in London, England, a collaboration since 1996.