Arko Datto

October 2020

Before changing his career to photography, Arko Datto was on course to receive a doctorate in theoretical sciences. Instead, he pursued graduate study in journalism and mass communication. Datto’s signature aesthetic employs saturated neon colors and digital manipulation, using diverse visual languages and styles to expand the boundaries of still and moving images. Datto’s many awards include “Picture of the Year” at the World Press Photo 2004, the Greenpeace Photo Award in 2018, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. He has covered a wide range of world events in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, including Kashmir’s separatist movement and post-war conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Datto has worked for Agence France-Press, The Indian Express, and The Telegraph. He joined Reuters in 2001. Datto has a number of books. In 2015, he collaborated with Tariq Ali to publish Ali’s play, The New Adventures of Don Quixote, providing the documentary images of the play’s Berlin production.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has constrained our ability to physically host artists in Syracuse, Light Work has responded innovatively to offer continued support in the form of remote residencies. The remote residency experience support artists in developing their artistic practice from their home or designated studio space. In addition to the stipend, artists will benefit from technical, professional, and creative support, as well as the extraordinary freedom to determine their own residency’s shape and timing. Our AIR participants can use their month to pursue their projects: photographing, scanning, printing, editing for book projects, and working closely with our staff for feedback and conversation.