Beatrix Reinhardt

January 2006

German artist Beatrix Reinhardt spends a lot of time knocking on doors or placing phone calls in hopes to gain access to members only clubs. Her series on clubs began in 2003. It has taken her to many places as far as Australia, Great Britain, and China, but in the end the series has returned her to her own neighborhood of the last one and a half years in Queens, NY, where membership clubs are plentiful and rich in photographic visuals. She views clubs as special entities that provide a community for their members while excluding everybody else. Membership dues can be minimal, but some exclusive clubs may require years on a waiting list and annual membership dues in the tens of thousands of dollars. In her photographs she is primarily interested in the marks left behind by members of the club. The images are devoid of people, though they speak volumes about the club’s members. Since arriving in Syracuse for her residency, Beatrix has been printing color photographs from her recent venture to China, but has also approached a number of clubs nearby for access.

Beatrix grew up in Jena, Germany and has lived in the United States off and on for over ten years. Her photographs have been shown internationally. Recent exhibition venues have included the Minnesota Center of Photography (Minneapolis), Silver Eye Center for Photography (Pittsburgh), Sam Romo (Atlanta). She is preparing for an exhibition this year in Finland. Before participating in Light Work’s Artist-in-Residence program, she completed residencies in Australia, India, and China.