Brijesh Patel

January 2013

Brijesh Patel was born in India and grew up in London. Through self-initiated fine-art projects, Patel has begun to explore his “idea of India,” as he puts it. He uses the medium of photography to create strong and intimate connection with Indian Sub continent and hence understand the country of his birth in a very personal way. Traversing the blistering contemporary landscape of Gujarat, India, Patel’s recent project Salt / Land & People retraces the seminal Salt March by Gandhi that laid the path for Independence and searches for inheritors of Gandhi’s philosophy. His photographs find their way into hand made artist’s books. Each artist’s books have it’s own set of values and influences. The final photographic book-object allows him to create a singular experience and an intimate moment between the viewer and the work.

Patel’s work has been exhibited at the FotoGrafia, Rome; The Annenberg Space for Photography, LA; Halsnoy Kloster, Norway; Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London as well as at private galleries in Paris and London. He has been awarded the Joan Wakelin Award from The Royal Photographic Society, a Winston Churchill Fellowship, The Guardian Social Entrepreneur Award, as well as a commission from The Photographers Gallery for the 2012 London Olympics.

This residency was co-sponsored by Autograph ABP in London, England, a collaboration since 1996.