Doireann O’Malley:
New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01

April 9 – May 23, 2020
Thursday – Saturday, dusk – 11pm
Everson Museum Plaza
401 Harrison Street

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Screening + Q&A with Doireann O’Malley

Thursday | April 16, 2020 | 6:30-8pm
Everson Museum, Hosmer Auditorium

In response to concerns around COVID-19, Light Work’s Urban Video Project has closed to the public and canceled all scheduled receptions from Friday, March 13 until further notice. 

Light Work’s Urban Video Project is pleased to present the exhibition Doireann O’Malley: New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01 from April 9 – May 23, 2020 at their architectural projection venue on the Everson Museum facade.

This exhibition will be the first that makes use of UVP 360, which will allow members of the public to control the view of 360 videos simply by using their smartphones.

This new work was commissioned by Light Work for exhibition at UVP and is the third and final installment of a trilogy by O’Malley titled Prototypes, which explores the potential for emerging technologies to radically transform our understanding of embodiment, gender, and life, iteslf.

In conjunction with the exhibition, O’Malley will be present for a Prototypes, a special indoor event on Thursday, April 16 in the Everson Museum’s Hosmer Auditorium, which will include screening, Q&A, and an opportunity to experience a full VR version of the artist’s work on a headset provided by the artist.

About the Work

New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01 

2020 | Duration: 6:45 | 360 video, stereo sound

Set in a liminal time when humans have vacated the world, this new piece, New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01, dwells on systems theory, climate care, digital consciousness, and data mining. In an entirely simulated space, colorful, swirling point clouds coalesce into a strangely beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape: a water basin and derelict bureaucratic building materialize. The computer-generated voice of the narrator guides us through the morphing, shape-shifting halls of the abandoned data and research center, where we encounter server racks, experimental incubators, and the solitary holographs of humans whose consciousness was uploaded before climate disaster killed off biological life. We learn the narrator was once human and is now stuck in the server. The work ends with a breakdown of the simulation: the simulated world is replaced by error messages. The work crashes and begins again.

This piece was commissioned by Light Work for UVP. The project also received support from the National Sculpture Factory Cork, Ireland and Berlin Program for Artists.

About the Artist

Doireann O’Malley is a visual artist originally from Ireland, based in Berlin since 2009. They use dreaming, writing, moving, filmmaking, 3D imaging and Virtual Reality through collaborative practices to explore the psychological and social implications of feminist technofuturism. 

Their most recent body of work, the Prototypes series, explores new perspectives on trans identity through non-hierarchical associative thinking, systems theory, cognitive science, machine learning, and the idea of quantum transformation. 

O’Malley received the prestigious Berlin Art Prize 2018 and is the recipient of several grants. Recent solo exhibitions include The Visitors (2019) Stadium, Berlin; Prototypes (2018) Dublin City Gallery, The Huge Lane, Ireland; Disappearances (2015) Image Movement, Berlin. Recent group presentations include Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (2019); Invisible Realness (2019) PS120, Berlin; Body Works (2019) Sopot State Gallery. 

Artist’s website:

UVP 2019-20: Wayward Bodies

This exhibition and event continues UVP’s 2019-20 programming year, Wayward Bodies, featuring artists who explore the entanglement of the body, space, and power.


This exhibition was supported by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.