Online Screening
and Artist Talk + Q&A with
Doireann O’Malley

May 6-30, 2020
Limited time online stream

Artist Talk 
Saturday, May 16

In the spirit of resilience, creativity, and community building in this time of social distancing, Urban Video Project is pleased to offer exclusive access to free online content.

Saturday, May 16 | Artist’s Talk 

Doireann O’Malley will give a talk about their practice with a focus on the Prototypes trilogy, which will be available to view using the link at the top of this page starting Saturday, May 16!

Prototypes Screening

From Saturday, April 18 at midnight through the end of the exhibition, UVP will share virtual access to Doireann O’Malley’s Prototypes, a feature film that combines elements of O’Malley’s multichannel works, Prototype I: Quantum Leaps in Trans Semiotics through Psycho-Analytical Snail Serum and Prototype ll: The Institute on UVP’s platform. 

O’Malley’s Prototypes series interrogates trans semiotics through psychoanalytic practices, speculative technologies, and live-action role-playing, addressing wider philosophical concerns relating to biology, gender embodiment, sexuality, utopianism, and biomolecular advancement in human evolution. 

O’Malley says of their work, “The destabilization of the gender binary is a threat to the construction of western dualistic philosophical binary systems and is at play to deconstruct much more than simply gender. I think it’s problematic to speak about what it means to be transgender as it is obviously a subjective and individual experience for people. I am interested in exploring this occurrence of unstable or shifting genders.”

Related Exhibition

These events are held in conjunction with the exhibition Doireann O’Malley: New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01, which was commissioned by Light Work for UVP to be the first exhibition making use of UVP 360, which will allow members of the public to control the projection using their phones.

Please note that Urban Video Project has temporarily moved all programs online. We have suspended our outdoor architectural projection site at the Everson Museum and all in-person events until further notice as part of our commitment to helping flatten the COVID-19 curve. 

UVP 2019-20: Wayward Bodies

From the earliest days of video, the body has played a central role as a platform for performance and the technologically-mediated exploration of representation, identity, and the metaphysics of presence. Taking inspiration from a conversation between poet Fred Moten and writer Saidiya Hartman exploring their respective concepts of “fugitivity” and “waywardness,” UVP 2019-20: Wayward Bodies, features artists whose work frames the body as a dynamic locus of creative deviation and inventive unruliness defying structures that seek to contain and control it.

Related Exhibition

Doireann O’Malley: New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01 
April 9 – May 23, 2020
Streaming online