Karolina Karlic

June 2013

Karolina Karlic is a Los Angeles-based photographer, born in Wroclaw, Poland. Karlic’s work is invested in the representation of American culture, more specifically immigrant emplacement and diasporic existence. In search of the American dream, her family immigrated to Detroit in 1987 when her father fled communist Poland to find work in the U.S. auto industry. As the stock of Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler’s North American operations eventually crumbled, Karlic’s work continues to focus on labor, industry, immigration, outsourcing and their causes of displacement. Karlic is a recipient of the 2011 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship which supports her investigations in diasporic existence surrounding industry and the human condition. She holds a MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from the California Institute of Arts and a BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.