Regine Petersen

September 2016

German photographer Regine Petersen uses photographs as a personal vehicle for contemplation. She sets out to take pictures, but not with a definitive goal or end-point, giving her the space to be continuously reflective and allowing the work to develop in unpredictable directions. Her images have an aura of ambiguity, holding many tensions in a single frame. Petersen was awarded the National Media Museum Photography Awards for her series Find a Falling Star, a continuation of a project on meteorites which is to be published in a book. It will include studio-based typologies, observations at the sites of meteoritic events, accompanying text and historic images, following the idea that a meteorite can be looked at from many different angles: cosmological, astronomical, geological, philosophical, historical and emotional. The various aspects will be edited together to form an associative journey through the world of meteorites, and to investigate what they can tell us about the world we live in.