Angelika Rinnhofer

May 2005

Angelika Rinnhofer was trained as a commercial photographer in Germany, in art school and through a professional apprenticeship with Bischof & Broehl. She now spends the majority of her time teaching at The Harvey School in Katonah, NY and working on her art photography. Rinnhofer is the recipient of a Kodak European Gold Award, funding from the New York State Foundation for the Arts, and a fellowship from the Dutchess County Arts Council. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in Miami. Her photographs are included in collections at Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY, at Light Work, and the private collection of Joseph T. Baio, Esq. She participated in Light Work’s Artist-in-Residence program in 2005.