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Screening + Q&A:
What Happened

feat. Luis Arnias, Simon Liu, and Zhou Tao

Thursday, March 4 | 6:30pm
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Join us live: The screening and Q&A will happen live on Thursday, March 4 at 6:30pm EST. View it on YouTube by clicking the video frame above. The screening portion of the program is ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Participate: Submit a question for the filmmakers to the moderator during the Q&A in the  live chat box on the right side of your screen in YouTube.

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Join Light Work’s Urban Video Project for a special live online group screening of the What Happened program with additional works, followed by a live Q&A with filmmakers Luis Arnias, Simon Liu, and Zhou Tao on Thursday, March 4 at 6:30pm.

This event is FREE & OPEN to the public.

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This event is held in conjunction with the public exhibition, What Happened, which will be projected by Light Work UVP on the facade of the Everson Museum of Art February 11 – April 3, 2021. More info

Program (Total Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes)

Malembe, Luis Arnias
2020 | Duration 12:00 |16mm transferred to HD video, stereo sound

Through its rhythmic montage and mix of observational and surreal imagery, Malembe forges oblique linkages between the United States and Venezuela, conveying the strange dissociation of being uprooted, of living between places. As a knife cuts through sky, through snow, and through fruit, quasi-ethnographic footage—with its conventional markers of music, food, ritual—joins with home-movie auto-portraiture of a New England winter, communicating a sense of dislocation at once vertiginously queasy and absurdly comic.

Terror Has No Shape, Luis Arnías
2020 | Duration 10:00 | 16mm transferred to HD video, stereo sound

Terror Has No Shape follows a mysterious and grotesque, viscous creature. The film fragments the American horror and sci-fi genres to bring the terror of the lived personal and collective experience of racial trauma to the surface.  Through effigy, these horrors materialize and are burned.

Signal 8, Simon Liu
2019 | Duration 14:00 |16mm transferred to HD video, stereo sound

Simon Liu’s eerie, entrancing portrait of contemporary Hong Kong tracks a series of strange disruptions to the city’s urban infrastructure. Deceptively tranquil 16mm images of everyday life are accompanied by muffled music cues, ominous radio transmissions, and intimations of an impending hazardous event that may never arrive. — Projections, New York Film Festival

Happy Valley, Simon Liu
2020 | Duration 12:00 | 16mm transferred to UHD video, stereo sound

Through processing a year of bewildering news and images from my home in Hong Kong, I’ve come to question the significance of dear memories and personal joy in the face of things falling apart. As the days teeter toward an uncertain future, Happy Valley cinematically probes the role of the so-called “little things”. A rendering of the perseverance of spirit in Hong Kong − an attempt at irony that can’t help but be emotional.  Simon Liu

Blue and Red, Zhou Tao
2014 | Duration 25:14 |HD video, stereo sound

In Blue and Red, Zhou Tao conducts a mesmerizing formal exploration of ambiguous zones: two public squares, one in Guangzhou, China, during a street festival, and one in Bangkok, Thailand, amidst political protests, the terrain surrounding a heavy metal mine, and a mountain village in southern China. Through the edit, these very different spaces merge into a single ambivalent reality. A mysterious colored light envelopes the animate and inanimate denizens in an otherworldly skin.


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This event is co-presented with the Visiting Artist Lecture Series of the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts School of Art.

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