Susan Worsham

September 2018

In her series Some Fox Trails in Virginia, Susan Worsham evokes a Southern Gothic atmosphere in which the verdancy of this landscape and its people seems to have run wild and then aground. Worsham began the series when she was 34 and had moved back home to Virginia to care for her mother, her last living relative, who died very shortly thereafter. With an exquisite use of color, and the amazing ability to weave a quiet thread of grace through every image, Worsham reveals the world of her childhood through the experience of an adult’s eyes. She writes, “These photographs are not meant to be purely autobiographical, but rather representations of how I view things, based on my own experiences, and those of the people that I have met along the way. My boyfriend Michael, stands on the street I grew up on, bridging the gap between past and present. Lynn, the first stranger that ever sat for me, continues to pose for me, along with her son Max. I have been photographing her for seventeen years now.”

During her residency, Worsham plans to edit, scan, and print editions of Fox Trails as well as her newest work, By the Grace of God, which focuses on the hospitality of strangers in the South.

Worsham’s book Some Fox Trails in Virginia was first runner up in the Blurb Photography Book Now International Juried Competition, Fine Art Category, in 2009 when she was also a Critical Mass Finalist and nominee for the Santa Fe Prize for Photography. Her work has been featured online at F-Stop magazine, Nymphoto, and Flak Photo. Worsham has exhibited her photography at Silver Eye Center For Photography, Sasha Wolf Gallery, and Dean Jensen Gallery, among other venues. For more information about Worsham and her art, visit her website.