My Southside and City: 2020 Contest Selections

August 28-29, 2020
Friday – Saturday, dusk – 11pm
Everson Museum Plaza
401 Harrison Street

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Exhibition patrons visiting the Plaza must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet between individuals at all times, except for groups visiting from the same household. We encourage everyone to wear face masks to safeguard the public health and as an extension of our commitment to help flatten the COVID Curve.

With great excitement, Light Work’s Urban Video Project will host My Southside and City, August 28 – 29, 2020. In partnership with The Stand Newspaper, the two-day exhibition highlights images by 2020 Photo Contest winners, including Emily Baxter, Jessica Dapson, Hilary Donohue, Justin Fogarty, Kathe Harrington, DJ Igelsrud, Jayson McDowell, Travis Owens, Sheila Quinell, Kristi Russo, Maranie Staab and Nadine H. Wodarczyk.

Each summer, The Stand Newspaper sponsors its annual Photo Walk, encouraging community members to explore, meet neighbors, and document the South Side in photos. This summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers reimaged the competition to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

“We didn’t want to stop documenting everyday life,” says The Stand director Ashley Kang. “In discussing with our past Photo Walk leaders, we worked to figure out a way to capture Syracuse in photos. How is life continuing despite the coronavirus; how are children coping; changes made for social distancing. And as we discussed planning, George Floyd was murdered, and protests began nationwide. We also wanted to capture how Syracuse responded.”

The first-place prize for winners in each of the five competition categories will receive a complimentary Light Work lab membership and subscription to its publication, Contact Sheet.

Second-place winners will receive $50 in market money to the soon-to-open downtown food stall, Salt City Market, and third place winners receive $25 gift certificates to Joe’s to Go.

2020 Award Recipients


  • 1st Place: Jayson McDowell, “Legends Wear Masks”
  • 2nd Place: Hilary Donohue, Skiddy Park on Near Westside
  • 3rd Place: Nadine H. Wodarczyk, Creative birthday celebration in COVID-19 times on West Side


  • 1st Place: Kathe Harrington, Centro bus hub in downtown
  • 2nd Place: Travis Owens, corona shopping; image of Michael Speach, owner of Speach Candy, in downtown
  • 3rd Place: Sheila Quinell, umbrellas planted 6′ apart as reminders for social distancing in Thornden Park


  • 1st Place: DJ Igelsrud, kids walking in the Hookway while social distancing
  • 2nd Place: Maranie Staab, during Last Chance for Change protests in Syracuse
  •  3rd Place: Emily Baxter, of 6-year-old Ella, looking over the city in front of the Mountain Goat statue in Upper-Onondaga Park


  • 1st Place: Kristi Russo, Black Lives Matter youth rally with Latin Science fifth graders
  • 2nd Place: Maranie Staab, during Last Chance for Change protest in Syracuse
  • 3rd Place: Jessica Dapson, Just Married at Franklin Square


  • 1st Place: Maranie Staab, during a Last Chance for Change march at the edge of downtown with a London Ladd mural in the background
  • 2nd Place: Kathe Harrington (another submission by Kathe Harrington who runs the Humans of Syracuse FB/Instagram. She titled this image “Uninterrupted” and captured it on Syracuse’s North Side)
  • 3rd Place: Justin Fogarty, poetry reading during a Last Chance for Change protest on the South Side