Horizons: New Film Out of Central New York

September 3-5, 2020
Thursday – Saturday, dusk – 11pm
Everson Museum Plaza
401 Harrison Street

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MASK UP AND SOCIAL DISTANCE — Exhibition patrons visiting the Everson Plaza must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet between individuals at all times, except for groups visiting from the same household. We encourage everyone to wear face masks to safeguard the public health and as an extension of our commitment to help flatten the COVID Curve. UVP limits attendance at all screenings to 50 people to adhere to Onondaga County’s latest social distancing guidelines.

With great excitement, Light Work’s Urban Video Project will host Horizons: New Film Out of Central New York , September 3 – 5, 2020. In partnership with the Innovation Group of CNY, the three-day showcase highlights films by 2020 CNY Short Film Competition winners, including Issack Cintrón, Carlton Daniel, Kathryn Ferentchak, and Charles Stulck.

“Exhibiting these works is an extension of our commitment to supporting emerging artists,” says Urban Video Project director Anneka Herre. “We are excited to offer this unique public platform to graduates of film programs from area universities, including Syracuse University and SUNY Oswego. We extend our congratulations to this year’s award recipients and wish them success with their future projects and careers.”

The CNY Short Film Competition is a juried program administered by Innovation Group of CNY Arts that supports promising young filmmakers who have recently graduated from an accredited film or media program in the Central New York Region. The Competition seeks to provide aspiring filmmakers with the resources and training necessary to develop and produce a professional short film in Central New York, which they can submit to festivals for critical and commercial consideration.

By drawing upon the unique cultural and geographic characteristics of the Central New York region, winning filmmakers explore a wide variety of storytelling perspectives. The Innovation Group of CNY Arts administers the Competition, now in its second year of operation. A grant from Empire State Development and the CNY Regional Economic Development Council supports the Competition. The CNY Arts in the Windows Program supports the screenings, in turn funded, in part, by the County of Onondaga and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. 

About the Works

2019 | 15 min | HD Video
Director: Charles Stulck
Alma Mater: SUNY Oswego

Follow a blossoming romance between two individuals with opposing perspectives on the topic of the end of the world as the filmmaker examines independence, self-preservation, co-existence, identity, and fear of humanity.

About the Artist

Filmmaker Charles Stulck graduated from SUNY Oswego with a BA in Film and Creative Writing. Shortly thereafter, he ran away from the snowy tundras of Upstate New York to sunny Los Angeles to further his career in the entertainment industry. In LA, Stulck worked as a staff writer for Apelles Entertainment, was mastering coordinator at Deluxe Technicolor, and an operations manager at VER. His script was a finalist at Script Pipeline. With his literary manager, Andrew Kersey, Charles is currently shopping feature scripts around to numerous production companies.

2019 | 13 min | HD Video
Director: Carlton Daniel Jr. 
Alma Mater: Syracuse University

Junior balances the expectations of working at his father’s funeral home and a night out with friends. When grief intrudes on his closest relationships, Junior must face the full circle of life, forcing him to see the world as it truly is.

About the Artist

Indie filmmaker Carlton Daniel Jr. is a writer/director/producer/filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Reimagining a reality free from injustice and oppression, Daniel seeks to redefine misconceptions of contemporary Black life through his critical lens as a Black, queer artist. In 2016, he earned his M.F.A. in Film and Dramatic Writing from Syracuse University. Daniel’s work explores themes of surrealism, sexuality, class, and Afro-diasporic identity. His award-winning short, Monogamish, screened at over 20 festivals worldwide. Daniel’s most recent short, Homegoing, has screened at film festivals such as Atlanta, Palm Springs, and Outfest. Daniel is currently undergoing development for his first feature film.

Early Bird
2019 | 14 min | HD Video
Director: Issack Cintrón
Alma Mater: SUNY Oswego

In 1976, Elliot, a stoic cleaner, must tie up a nuisance of a loose end for Ben. However, when Ben reveals this involves some highly sought-after money, a high-stakes treasure hunt ensues.

About the Artist

Issack Cintrón is a filmmaker, musician, and founder of You So Stupid Productions. His filmography explores various genres, including romantic-comedy (Hotline), social-thriller (Fruta Extraña), neo-Western (Early Bird), and adventure (Eddie, Milo, and The Box). As a proud Afro-Latino who specializes in screenwriting and directing, Issack decries the long-standing absence of people of color in film and television. He works to combat this lack of representation by creating unique, enlightening, and riveting stories in which resonant and fully-realized characters exist in narratives beyond race, inequality, and injustice even as they remain conscious of those issues. Ultimately, Issack is eager to create art regardless of the medium. His latest project is The Gallery, a series of short documentaries that profile rising, independent artists.

I Wish
2019 | 11 min | HD Video
Director: Kathryn Ferentchak
Alma Mater: Syracuse University 

Adapted from the 1973 short story by novelist Bill Pronzini, I Wish is a tale about David, a curious teenager with Down Syndrome, who escapes his mother’s watchful eye for a few hours to explore a lonely stretch of the Lake Ontario shoreline.

About the Artist

Raised in Colorado, Kathryn Ferentchak will always carry the dynamic scenery of the Rocky Mountains with her. She began working on independent films at 16, and from there, her passion led her to a BFA in Film at Syracuse University and an exciting career in the entertainment industry. Her directorial debut, Osiris (2017), did very well on the festival circuit, taking several awards. 


This exhibition was supported by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.